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The Ebola virus - the end of the civilized world

Ed Rybicki ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Fri Aug 25 02:18:18 EST 1995

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> Subject:       Re: The Ebola virus - the end of the civilized world
> Date:          24 Aug 1995 23:53:43 -0400

> Whoa!
> If you want to read about Biological Warfare look at the Japenese'sarmy
> unit 731 when it was in manchuria china.
> Read about the reprocusions of smallpox on the aztecs and myans when the
> spanish came. That is what will happen if ebola lands in the U.S. in more
> than one city and in people who travel by aircraft to other areas. It will
> be like a wildfire. 

With all due respect.....BALLS!!!!  Read the exchange as encapsulated 
in the (subtle dig for my site) Ebola page update I put up yesterday, 
at http://www.uct.ac.za/microbiology/ebpopage.html, and also in this very 
forum.  Ebola has killed MAYBE 2000 people in AFRICA since 1976, 
under conditions of horrifying lack of hygeine, general malnutrition, 
and lack of medical care, AND in a major city recently to boot.  What 
makes you think it will do worse in a more sophisticated 

You will note that bubonic/pneumonic plague outbreak in India 
recently (note: India) was quickly snuffed out, WITHOUT all the 
medical expertise/resources available in the US.  Have a little faith 
in your own health authorities!!  And LIGHTEN UP and stop reading all 
those lurid books / watching those sensationalist movies, and read 
some science for a change.

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