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PANGELETTI at bmg.bhs.uab.edu PANGELETTI at bmg.bhs.uab.edu
Sat Aug 19 14:37:48 EST 1995

mikes at netaccess.on.ca wrote:
:  just a little comment about the sheer insanity of  baboon bone marrow
: being used to treat aids patients as well as the possibly cruel irony
: of ebola rushton based vaccine substrates. 
 . some say it was  a vaccine ( live polio
: that is ) that unleashed killers like hiv htlv-1 htlv-2 sv40 marburg
: ebola congo crimean hemoraghic fever etc etc into the human genome in
: the first place.

:  somewhere...at a now prominent place called wistar..one fine day a
: few hela ( human cervical cancer cells from a dead woman named
: henrietta lacks - cells of the sort that were rampantly contaminating
: all early polio reserach facilities worldwide back then ) rather 
: opportunistically landed in some petrie dishes which were full of
: monkey kidney cells, most of which had been thoroughly infected with
: all kinds of simian felo and lenteviruses.
:  now as it happens these same sorts of rna based monkey contagions
: tend to make the surfaces of infected cells ( be they monkey or man )
: very sticky causing them to clump together - incidentally human
: t-cells infiltrated by hiv htlv-1,2 marburg or ebolah all do this too
:   anyway after that early invitro hela cell invasion: 

Ha ha ha ha ha, well wasn't that a nice diversion into science fiction.  You write 
almost as well as they do in Hollywood - totally devoid of fact.  Well, I haven't 
laughed so much in a long time.  Say, how much does that Netaccess cost per month?
Carry on!
Peter C. Angeletti
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Adenovirus replication and host cell interactions
- I'm an economic refugee from California.

PAngeletti at BMG.BHS.UAB.EDU
zm00016 at uabdpo.uab.dpo.edu

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