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Dennis H Ma dhm411 at unseen2.acns.nwu.edu
Fri Aug 18 15:54:19 EST 1995

Ed Rybicki (ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za) wrote:
> Virological friends: 

> I am making available at our ftp site an introductory molecular
>  virology teaching package.  This is for PCs (386 minimum) running 
> WIndows 3.1 or better, and expects to be unzipped in a directory 
> called c:\virol.  It was designed on a multimedia authoring package 
> called Illuminatus (Digital Workshop, UK) from the HTML tutorial 
> available at our site (see below) and the Wisconsin WWW site 
> (http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu/ed/virtut1.html).  It prefers 256 
> colour 640x480 displays but can run quite happily on 16 colour 
> displays.

>  It is definitely  a preliminary version of what is hoped to be a 
> distributable product: what I would like is opinions, feedback, 
> suggestions - download, unpack, mercilessly test-drive - and tell me 
> what you think.  You will notice things in it from others; they have 
> been asked for permission, and it is not for sale, so no royalties 
> are payable!!

> (ftp.uct.ac.za/pub/data/geminivirus/virintro.zip) 

> Access is by anonymous ftp (login: anonymous, password: email 
> address).   This is a UNIX server and case is important.  The file is
>  just under 1Mb, and unpacks to OVER 9Mb...!  You have been warned.  

> Have fun, PLEASE feed back??

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