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Question: Herpes II Treatment -- Vaccination?

Jonathan E. Katz jonathan at IME.UCLA.EDU
Mon Aug 7 23:49:03 EST 1995

  I was doing a recent lit search into Herpes vaccination and after
coming across some promising articles I had a possibly interesting
idea.  I am not sure if this has been discussed before, or, if it is
valid, so, I am posting my thoughts.

  Wouldnt an effective vaccination vs. HSV II also be, essentially, a
cure?  As far as I understand, HSV comes out of latency perioically and
is "forced" back into hiding by an increased response from the immune
system.  If an infected person were to be vaccinated, it would keep
that person's immune system at a higher state vs. the virus, possibly
reducing shedding and outbreaks.  If the vaccination is not good at
producing a memory, boosters could be given every 4 months or so.  This
would almost certainly be cheaper than acyclovir and possibly more

  Additional thoughts:  Over time, the virus would possibly be removed
from the system as infected neurons go active and become destroyed
without productivly affecting other neurons.  Possibly an immune
reaction can be developed vs. infected latent neurons since the virus
is not 100% silent.  Probably these two events are less likely since
the body isnt very good at removing the virus on its own, but, the
extra stimulus might provide lead to this effect.



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