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Ed Rybicki ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Tue Aug 8 02:12:39 EST 1995

> From:          mikes at netaccess.on.ca

>  just a little comment about the sheer insanity of  baboon bone marrow
> being used to treat aids patients as well as the possibly cruel irony
> of ebola rushton based vaccine substrates. lest any forget..( no this
> issue is far from dead ) . some say it was  a vaccine ( live polio
> that is ) that unleashed killers like hiv htlv-1 htlv-2 sv40 marburg
> ebola congo crimean hemoraghic fever etc etc into the human genome in
> the first place.
>  could be a sort of 1956 version of ` the philadelphia story actually
> happened like this...
>  somewhere...at a now prominent place called wistar..one fine day a
> few hela ( human cervical cancer cells from a dead woman named

The trouble with this is, innocent civilians are going to read it, 
and rush naked into yhe street screaming "CONSPIRACY!!!!  
COVER-UP!!!" - when in fact it is a highly implausible mish mash of 
fact and fantasy.

In the first place, HTLV 1 does not necessarily occur in the same place 
as HIV: it has  foci in Japan and the Caribbean, unlike HIV which has 
foci in Africa and now elsewhere.  Marburg has never been tied to 
Ebola, and neither virus was described before the 60s-70s - and their 
pattern of distribution (if Marburg can be said to have one) does in 
no way match the distribution of polio vaccines made at Wistar or 
anywhere else - which were sent all over the world.

It is strange that HIV1 can be found in naturally-infected 
chimpanzees, and HIV2s in naturally infected monkeys, if it was 
introduced into humans via vaccines: that and the wide variation of 
the viruses in Africa (to where it was presumably introduced from a 
narrow genetic base, if the silly scenario is to be believed) both 
militate against the contaqmination scenario.

Just another conspiracy theorist with too much time to brood on dark 
fantasies, I am afraid....

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