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mikes at netaccess.on.ca mikes at netaccess.on.ca
Mon Aug 7 14:20:00 EST 1995

 just a little comment about the sheer insanity of  baboon bone marrow
being used to treat aids patients as well as the possibly cruel irony
of ebola rushton based vaccine substrates. lest any forget..( no this
issue is far from dead ) . some say it was  a vaccine ( live polio
that is ) that unleashed killers like hiv htlv-1 htlv-2 sv40 marburg
ebola congo crimean hemoraghic fever etc etc into the human genome in
the first place.

 could be a sort of 1956 version of ` the philadelphia story actually
happened like this...

 somewhere...at a now prominent place called wistar..one fine day a
few hela ( human cervical cancer cells from a dead woman named
henrietta lacks - cells of the sort that were rampantly contaminating
all early polio reserach facilities worldwide back then ) rather 
opportunistically landed in some petrie dishes which were full of
monkey kidney cells, most of which had been thoroughly infected with
all kinds of simian felo and lenteviruses.

 now as it happens these same sorts of rna based monkey contagions
tend to make the surfaces of infected cells ( be they monkey or man )
very sticky causing them to clump together - incidentally human
t-cells infiltrated by hiv htlv-1,2 marburg or ebolah all do this too

  anyway after that early invitro hela cell invasion: slowly but
surely as they are want to do the hela cells began to crowd out their
simain species neighbours. but in the process hela and monkey cells
also began sticking to one another actually breaching and breaking
down cell menbranes and forming chimeric bodies( this phenomenon was
documented some years later ) , anyhow getting back to philadelphia
1956..... somewhere within a myriad of petrie dishes...cytoplasm
flowed from monkey cell to hela and visa versa. intracellularly too
thier nuclei actually combined creating the first man-> monkey cell
hybrids in some ten million years of non lab assisted evolution.
 later after separating, both mutant hela and monkey cell hybrids
were observed to have shared and occassionally exchanged bits of one
anothers genetic info ( including rna and dna retro-based nucleic
viral material ) among such adopted viral nucleic particles could have
been the simain versions of siv sv40 stlv marburg ebola rushton etc.
nevertheless as of yet these viruses would have been quite incapable
of attaching themselves to and breaching the outer membranes of
healthy human cells but since they were already comfortably inside
helas they had no trouble in commandeering human cell machinery to
create a factory for simian viruses that in the process also enabled
their daughters to pick up crucial human antigens which ultimately
would enable them to stick to cell surfaces, subsequently allowing
their progeny after inadvertently getting swallowed by still other
chimeras to sooner or later successfully infect well nigh any hela
cell ( or if it were possible healthy human t cell  ) that came along

  in this manner literally hundreds of millions even billions of hela
cancer cells may have been infected with true hiv htlv ebola marburg
etc some months before any still living human guinea pig inadvertently
was. indeed in very short order unbeknowst to early polio researchers
true cross species viral emergence ` zoonism ' probably had already
occured within lab settings  .particularly since hela cells multiply
faster than any animal cell known and can even be spread via airborne
particles perchance they went on to infect with their now man->monkey
plagues not only batch after batch of the very first polio vaccine
substrates ( n.b . the salk vaccine showed hela markers as early as
the fifties and hela contamination at wistar during that period was
known to have been rampant too )  but likewise shortly therafter via
live or insufficently denatured vaccines the entire human race.

  was the net result the marburg ebola hiv burkitts syndrome etc hot
zone precisely where koprowski's vaccine was first disseminated. as
well as those rather paralelle & coincidental appearances of marburg
in germany, yugoslavia along with htlv-1 htlv-2 and sv40 bred cancers
leukemias and chronic fatigue epidemics in america which we observe
today ?

 if so then dare we once again use knowingly virally contaminated
monkey cells as substrates for human vaccines ? dare we reintroduce
highly mutative ( even if supposedly harmless and denatured )  ebolah
rushton into human guinea pigs a la a crude and  rather ironic
repitition of what may well have happened at wistar in 1956 ?   

 worse yet should we be introducing baboon bone marrow cells into
human aids patients whose sticky hiv infected t-cells are sure to form
a few man->baboon chimera's, satanic cell hybrids  which equally hold
terrifying potentials to spawn rather similar waves of zoonistic
global baboon plagues in man ???!!! does this seem like pure science
fiction -if so then read micheal golds a conspiracy of cells the
fantastically imporbable but true posthumous tale of henrietta lacks.

   barry scott aug 95

p.s anyone with information concerning ( i believe ) the highly
probable link between htlv-1, htlv-2 and chronic fatigue syndrome
please forward said info to me. as well as info concerning the
nomenclatures and discriptions of any and all type 4 viruses currently
being studied at the etobico lab...send e mail to
mikes at netaccess.on.ca   ...Subject:Barry Scott


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