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AIDS Treatment w/ NonLethal Intravenous OZONE Solution

Mark E. Bruk mbruk at Direct.CA
Fri Apr 28 23:18:52 EST 1995

INVESTORS / DONATORS required to assist in establishing 4
clinics for initial controlled clinical tests using human
patients.  We require $3 million US in trust, which monies
are to be released upon successful (as predetermined by all
participants) treatment of 1-2 HIV+ patients.  Which treatment
should be complete within 30 days.

A US company has secured the world wide rights to a patented 
Anti-Viral Technology Unit (AVT Unit) which uses a non-lethal
OZONE NASCENT CHLORINE solution to treat and destroy all viruses
and bacteria in the human body.

The AVT Unit uses platinum welded and bonded electrodes and an
aqueous solution consisting of chemically pure sea salt (sodium
chloride NaCl), and distilled water (H20) creating a 1% saline
solution.  Once electrolyzed, the solution contains OZONE (O3)
which has been tested and is widely known to destroy all viruses
and bacteria.  The solution breaks down after being electrolyzed
as follows:

	Hydrogen	(H)	escapes as a gas
	Oxygen		(O)	becomes OZONE in solution
	Sodium		(Na)	attaches to the cathode (negative)
	Chlorine	(Cl)	free in solution
	Hydroxyl Radicals

Treatment consists of 2-4 injections per day of 6 cc of solution
and 2 oz of solution taken orally with each injection.  The
treatments must continue for a period of 7-30 days, based upon
the specific condition of the individual.

According to "CHRONOLOGICAL OZONE REFERENCES" by Ed McCabe 91/92,

1943	Dr. Robert Mayer pioneered the technique of ozone injected
	directly into spinal fluid to end menningitis.
1958-73	Dr. Robert Mayer and Dr. Edmund J. Ryan were granted 8 ozone
	patents.  Polymeric Oxygen (Ozone) In Blood and Sera
	Treatment and the Product Thereof.
1976	FDA states "Ozone is a toxic gas with no known medical uses"
1979	First case of AIDS treated by medical ozone therapy.
1983	The chairman of neurosurgery at Jefferson Medical College
	in Philadelphia, Dr. Jewell Osterholm announced that stroke
	damage can be reversed with spinal injections of an oxygen
	rich mixture.
1983	SIXTH WORLD OZONE CONFERENCE, Washington DC, International
	MD's List 33 Major Diseases successfully treated with OZONE.
	AIDS,herpes,hepatitis,mononucleosis,cirrhosis of the liver,
	gangrene,cardiovascular disease,arteriosclerosis,high
	cholesterol,cancerous tumors,lymphomas,leukemia,rheumatoid
	arthritis,allergies of all types,improves multiple sclerosis,
	ameliorates alzheimers disease,senility and parkinsons...
	effective on proctitis,colitis,prostrate,candidiasis,
	trichomoniasis,cystitis...externally effective in treating
	acne,burns,leg ulcers,open sores and wounds,eczema and fungus
1986	Dr. Alexander Preuss in Stuttgart published case histories of
	AIDS patients treated with ozone who are now completely
	healthy and back at work.
1986	Patent #4,632,980 granted to Medizone "OZONE DECONTAMINATION
	OF BLOOD & BLOOD PRODUCTS".  Medizone states that all stored
	blood can be decontaminated with ozone and all HIV eliminated
1987	Dr. Horst Kief, Heidelberg announces successfull treatment
	of 3 AIDS patients brought from stage 8 back to stage 1 at
	his German clinic using autohemotherapy ozone/1 gram vitamin
	C therapies.  15 ARC patients exhibit full remission, gained
	weight, T cells went from 300 back to 1500 (normal).
1987	Published by Karl F. Haug, Heidelberg and co-authored by
	Professor Siegfried Rilling, MD and Renate Viebahn, PhD.
1987	Cuban National Institute for Scientific Research conducts
	ozone animal studies proving ozone's non-toxic,
	non-mutagenic, non-carcinogensis.
1988	Historian Eustice Mullins writes: "The Office of Technology
	Assessment of the US Government states that 95% of the drugs
	on the market have not been proven to work".
1988	Dr. Gerard Sunnen wrote: "OZONE IN MEDICINE"
	Dr. Sunnen, at the Bellevue Medical Center in New York City,
	lists medical ozone as commonly being used worldwide on: 
	"Herpes,AIDS and Flu. Wounds,burns,staph infections,fungal
	and radiation injuries, and gangrene.........

That should be enough to get you interest.  I have a lot more and am
always looking for more.  I would appreciate any help anyone out
there can offer in helping use find the funds necessary to start
treating people with the only NON-LETHAL OZONE SOLUTION IN THE WORLD.

Please contact me at MBRUK at direct.ca as I do not religiously check
each of the news groups everyday.

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