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Dummy Target For Virus'

stormbri stormbri at rain.org
Mon Apr 24 11:19:41 EST 1995

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.950423164320.28510A-100000 at corona>, patrick at corona says...
>On 23 Apr 1995, Robert Weitkamp wrote:
>  I believe the first two have already been considered/tried.  Not sure as
>to the efficacy however (Anyone?  I am certain I have read of such
>trials).  The last proposal would be real tough.  Theoretically, the virus
>would bind the receptor and then just dump its capsid/nucleocapsid into
>the liposome (if the virus counts on endocytosis, then it might bind for a
>while, then release and be free to bind again to false target or real
>target).  In the case of HIV, the capsid might get dumped into the
>liposome and either stall right there or dump its RNA and RT contents, and
>stall.  Presumably, such liposomes would eventually be lost along with its
>contents.  In any case, this would be technically VERY difficult. 

Well , again this might be a serious over simplification, but could you take cells 
from an infected host and make them unable to reproduce (both for themselves and
reguarding the virus) so that the bodies immune system would leave them alone? Or,
would the act of modifying them make them, automatically different enough for the
body to target them as forign?  I am perhaps well out of my depth here.  I appreciate
your patience.

Robert Weitkamp
stormbri at rain.org

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