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Tue Apr 18 04:31:28 EST 1995

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Date:          Tue, 18 Apr 1995 09:56:24 SAST-2
Subject:       Re: hanta virus
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> I am working on a project about Hantavirus.  My group is having a
> difficult time finding information about Hantavirus outbreaks in
> other parts of the world in the past.  I read somewhere that the
> vi us was responsible for many deaths in the Korean war, and that
> it has infected Chinese people during rice harvest for thousands
> of years.  Also, has anyone read any articles in any newspapers or
> nat onal periodicals on Hantavirus outbreak that have overly
> sensationalized or misinformed the public about the virus?   We
> looking at many different aspects of the Hantavirus and would
> appreciate any elp that we could get. 					Thanks, 					Matthew

Try the URL in my sig, and also 
http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu/welcome.html, and go looking for the 

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