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Efficacy of vaccines info?

Jon Wayne jwayne at mars.superlink.net
Mon Apr 17 21:18:23 EST 1995

OK, all of you virii gurus.  I've been encountering more and 
more arguments that are anti-vaccine, and haven't heard good 
counter arguments (i.e., pro-vaccine).  Here are some of the 
things I have come across recently from folks like Eva Sneed:

1) Vaccine cultures inevitably have other indigenous viruses 
that grow on the culture and which are ultimately introduced 
into the population during innoculations.


  a) the original polio vaccine was cultured on green monkey 
kidneys, human cancer cells, serum from calves and horses, and 
pig stomach.  One of companion virii introduced was SV40 
(simian virus 40), which causes an aids-like disease in 
hamsters.  Oral polio vaccine is now tested for SV40 but the 
injectible isn't. MMR is not tested for it.

  b) Epstein-Barre virus has been purposefully put into the 
culture medium as it causes cells to reproduce rapidly, 
which is desirable from a financial consideration.  This is a 
primary reason for the widespread chronic fatigue syndrome that we 
see today.

  c) RSV (respiratory sensitivity virus) is now widespread in 
kids.  It is a common contaminant in vaccines.

2) Vaccines have never been proven to be effective and safe.  
On the contrary, they are ineffective and unsafe.


  a) 1942: Hepatitus vaccination in the military resulted in 
the worst hep epidemic in US - over 50,000 cases.

  b) Almost every polio case in last 15 years have been a 
result of vaccination or contacted via relatives living in same 
house. (Cited: JAMA 3/13/87: 1973-84 76% of polio cases from 
polio vaccine)

  c) 1967: The adeno virus vaccine resulted in up to 38% more 
men coming down with rubella than the unvaccinated.

  d) 1976: swine flu vaccination resulted in 14-24% becoming ill 
with flu

  e) 1985-86: 60% of measles from measles vaccine (Cited: NEJM 1989)

3) Separate point about DPT, cuz there seems to widespread 
anti-DPT sentiment:

  DPT affects breathing for almost 60 days after innoculation.  
Crib deaths are almost always after DPT.  There is no way to 
distinguish between crib death and vaccination death (and death 
certificates never say vaccine death). In Australia, DPT was 
made optional and 50% of families opted out; the incidence of 
crib death then dropped by 50%.   In Japan, DPT was prohibited 
in infants less two years of age; this resulted in the lowest 
incidence of sids in the world.  It was later made optional, 
and crib death quadrupled (reported by Cherry in 1988 Pediatric 
Supplement, p 973). 

4) All studies claiming vaccine efficacy were performed in the last
10 years of a natural decrease of the disease.  In many cases, 
there was a 90% decline of diseases before the introduction of 
the vaccine.

I hate one-sided arguments, but haven't heard direct counters 
to these statements.  How about filling in the other side of 
the coin?  (I have cross-posted this on misc.health.alternative 
as a number of skeptics seem to hang out there).


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