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Japan AIDS Patents, Apr 1-11

Alan Engel aengel at netaxs.com
Sat Apr 15 06:23:45 EST 1995

The Japanese AIDS-related patent applications listed below were published 
April 1-11, 1995.  A list of applications published January 1 - April 11, 1995 
can be found at http://www.netaxs.com/~aengel/JapanAIDSPatents/list.htm#April

TI= Particles for immunological measurements and method for immunological 
PA= Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.(Japan) (000230054)
PA= Fujirebio (Japan) (000237204)
IPC= G01N 33/553, C08K 9/02, G01N 33/543, G01N 33/544
PN= JP95-92168A
PD= 95-4-7
AN= H05-326213, Div of H05-238957
AD= 93-8-31
PRN= H04-253455
PRD= 92-8-31
PRC= Japan
IN= Sasaki
IN= Isomura Kazuo
IN= Matsukawa Masahiko
IN= Ashiwara
IN= Yoshioka
IN= Okada 
IN= Anami
AB= Mixed ferrites are coated with organic polymer and conjugated to 
antibodies or antigens.

TI= Antibiotic material and undergarments made therefrom which prevent 
inflamation and disease
PA= Sato Yasuro (Japan) (591040591)
IPC= A61L 2/16, A41B 9/12, A61F 13/15, A41B 17/00, A61F 13/00, D06M 15/00
PN= JP95-96024A
PD= 95-4-11
AN= H05-248451
AD= 93-8-28
PRC= Japan
IN= Sato Yasuro
AB= Antibiotic zeolites, etc. are incorporated into fiber raw materials 
for undergarments.

TI= Polymer with supermolecular structure
PA= Takeda Pharmaceuticals (Japan) (000002934)
IPC= A61K 38/00, A61K 9/52, A61K 38/21, A61K 47/36
PN= JP95-97333A
PD= 95-4-11
AN= H05-326635
AD= 93-12-24
PRN= H05-193644
PRD= 93-8-4
PRC= Japan
IN= Sunamoto Junzo
IN= Akiyoshi Kazumasa
IN= Iwasa Susumu
IN= Sato Jun
AB= Drug delivery system in which cytokines are covered by glycosides 
bound to sterols

TI= Nucleotide intermediate and method for its manufacture
PA= Ajinomoto (Japan) (000000066)
IPC= C07H 19/06, C07D 405/04, A61K 31/70
PN= JP95-97391A
PD= 95-4-11
AN= H06-180109
AD= 94-8-1
PRN= H05-193332
PRD= 93-8-4
PRC= Japan
IN= Takamatsu
IN= Shirogami
IN= Uchida
IN= Izawa
AB= Provides new intermediate and method for its manufacture related to 
useful 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine (azidothymidine, AZT, didobudine).

TI= 2-amino-6,7-dihydroxy-4-thiaheptanoic acid intermediate
PA= Takeda Pharmaceuticals (Japan) (000002934)
IPC= C07K 5/06, A61K 38/00, A61K 39/39, C07K 5/08, C07K 5/10, C07K 7/06
PN= JP95-97392A
PD= 95-4-11
AN= H05-336577
AD= 93-12-28
PRN= H04-349062
PRD= 92-12-28
PRN= H05-56185
PRD= 93-3-16
PRN= H05-181735
PRD= 93-7-22
PRC= Japan
IN= Tanida Kyoichi
IN= Tobita
IN= Wakimai
IN= Harada
AB= Provides a compound which has lymphocyte-increasing interaction as 
immune-stimulating drug

TI= Pharmaceutical use of triazole intermediates
PA= Green Cross (Japan) (000137764)
IPC= A61K 31/41, A61K 31/44, A61K 31/53, C07D 249/12, C07D 249/14, 
C07D 401/04, C07D 405/04, C07D 409/04, C07D 487/04
PN= JP95-97321A
PD= 95-4-11
AN= H06-171471
AD= 94-7-22
PRN= H05-193460
PRD= 93-8-4
PRC= Japan
IN= Akahoshi Fumihiko
IN= Okada
IN= Takeda
IN= Naito Yoichiro
IN= Fukutani Chikara
IN= Kurihara
IN= Kajii
IN= Nishimura
IN= Sugiura
AB= Triazole intermediates have interactions suppressing eosinophilic 
leucocytosis and lymphocyte activation.

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