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Flame me please!

Don Haut c601591 at mizzou1.missouri.edu
Fri Apr 14 10:26:35 EST 1995

Evaporated????  I think you mean CLEARED from their system after a
subclinical infection.

You know, I have been lurking in this group for a few months now, and I
have seen lots and lots of postings about EBOLA from lots of people who
read The Hot Zone or have seen some "expert" on talk shows and I am just
amazed at what people are saying!!!  For all of you who are afraid that
Ebola Ziare will come creeping into NYC, you should know, Ebola is so
deadly that it burns itself out fast.  Further, as I understand it,
because humans are not the natural or preffered host for Ebola, its
virulence is inversely proportional to it's passage number.  In other
words, it becomes less devilish as it burns through a population.  Now, I
know the Hot Zone did not mention this nor did the Hot Zone go into the
truley interesting thing parts about filoviruses in general like their
replication, transcriptional control, etc.  but those things dont sell
books.  I dont blame the author...  hell, if I were trying to make money,
I would write a book that sensationalizes the whole thing too.
Dont get me wrong....  I DO think that emerging Devil Viruses pose a real
threat to humans, and I do not think that funding for virus research
should be cut, in fact, I think it should be multiplied by a factor of
10!!!  (I am a molecular virologist so I am kind of prejudiced 8-)    ). 
I just think that people should really try to learn ALL of the facts
before loosing their digital poop in a newsgroup that really has a lot
more to offer than being an Ebola reservoir.

Just my $0.02  !!!

In article <3mkojt$h6u at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, susand4739 at aol.com
(SusanD4739) wrote:

> No.  E. Reston merely did not effect them and eventually evaporated from
> their system.

Don Haut
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
University of Missouri-Columbia
C601591 at mizzou1.missouri.edu

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