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Chronic infections

Deirdre deirdre at deeny.MV.COM
Thu Apr 13 10:29:30 EST 1995

In article <3lv29n$fgi at gap.cco.caltech.edu>, Robin Colgrove
<robin at alumni.caltech.edu> writes:
>  /* mutant ninja virologist for hire --- have clones, will travel */

And someone who's done some C programming by that commenting style (now
you're on my turf <g>).

> PS: so as not to be a total drudge, maybe we can start a
> thread on the general topic of chronic infection. It
> strikes me that there are really NOT that many clinically
> important chronic viral illnesses. HIV, HTLV, EBV, CMV,
> HSV, VZV, HBV, HCV, just off the top of my head. Out of
> the thousands of viruses that is a pretty short list.
> Oh ,and I guess papilloma, JC virus, kuru maybe. Others?
> Note HCV is the oddball here with no DNA form.

OK, I admit that, where viruses are concerned, I'm definitely
acronym-impaired (I'm still learning folks). Obviously, I've read a fair
amount about HIV and HTLV, some on EBV and CMV (mostly in relation to AIDS
cases), but the other four acronyms draw a blank.

I've heard of papilloma and kuru, but only names. I can't recall hearing
about JC.

I know HIV's a retrovirus and I have read about how these work.

How do the other chronic infections work?

Also, would you include polio on this list? There's been some recent
reports of PPS (post-polio syndrome) where some are apparently, after
fighting off the disease several decades ago, showing signs of polio again?

The obvious question to me: if polio survivors are showing PPS, is there
any chance that those vaccinated against polio will also show these
symptoms? I *remember* that vaccine because it was the only one I received
in Deirdre-tolerant form. I hated shots; it wasn't until I was an adult
that I realized I was fine if I saw the needle going in and could watch the


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