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Adenoid Virus?

S1122394 at cedarville.edu S1122394 at cedarville.edu
Mon Apr 10 21:15:34 EST 1995

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.950403203226.13081A-100000 at corona> Patrick O'Neil <patrick at corona> writes:
>From: Patrick O'Neil <patrick at corona>
>Subject: Re: Adenoid Virus?
>Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 20:38:44 -0600

>On 4 Apr 1995, John C. Bielick wrote:

>> Has anybody heard of a virus called the "Adenoid Virus"?
>> It seems that my nephew came down with a condition where
>> his entire skin became red and irritated.  Even his eyes
>> seemed to swell up.  The whole situation was quite rough
>> on the little guy (he's only 1-year old).  The doctor
>> said he was suffering from Adenoid virus.  The condition
>> cleared up after taking some antibiotic medicine.

>I'm checking but i have a more pressing question...the doctor said it was
>a virus and then prescribed _antibiotics_?!?!?  Are you certain a virus
>was mentioned OR there was not also a bacterial infection mentioned OR
>that the drug really is an antibiotic?  The agent and the drug in no way
>go together unless there _was_ some secondary bacterial infection.  If there
>were no bacteria involved then is it any wonder that there are so many
>bacteria developing resistance to all our antibiotics when a doctor so
>freely and uselessly prescribes such to "treat" a viral infection? 


The reason why a doctor prescribes antibiotics for a viral infection, is that 
the virus usually weakens the immune system and allows bacteria that is 
normally present to 'flare-up'.  In this way the patients viral infection is 
not complicated.  Viruses are notoriously hard to get rid of, so the best 
doctors can do in most cases is to prevent bacterial infection, and let the 
body combat the virus.

  s1122394 at cedarville.edu

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