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Earth trying to Kill us? No.

Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Wed Apr 5 01:45:28 EST 1995

In article <01HOY4DBPNBQ006V0K at vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu>,

(omissis)...  We have clearly exceded the carrying capacity of the eart=
> h for=20
> our species and some thing(s) will happen to reduce our population.  =
> "The=20
> earth will shed us like a cancer, growing out of control."  Whole=
> =20
> generations will be lost in the parts of Africa which have 80% HIV=
> =20
> infection rates and the next generation will not fare much better, ev=
> en if=20
> the infection rate goes down.  Why should we think that this is anyth=
> ing=20
> other than a corrective downsizing of the human population which is l=
> ong=20
> overdue?  =20
> Bob Lansman=20
> Bitnet   - lansman at oshkoshw
> Internet -  lansman at vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu

First question: why downsizing is long overdue? Second question: Who or
What is going to take care of that? You can be right in saying that
eccessive or uncontrolled fertility is a problem for underdeveloped
countries, but it is  because the structures (economical, technical,
social) to sustain a density of population like we have in western
countries are missing. BTW, you can observe an high rate of infertility in
developed countries, but it has nothing to do with a "correction", it's
mostly due to the poisoning of our life conditions, which does not occur in
underdeveloped countries. You mention that something is going to correct
our population size. What? Do you think that the earth (or maybe the Earth)
is something able to think, take decisions and take actions? Isn't more
realistic to think that enviromental conditions like poor health care, low
human resources and so on are the most favourite for spreading of both
viral and bacterial infections? Most of new bacterial infections we can
face due to antibiotics (against which new pathogens have not yet developed
resistance), but we are lacking effective treatments for many viruses.
Think about that, in the human hystory there were recurrent pandemics
(pestis, influenza, cholera) which killed millions of people. But the
population's size wasn't the same each time. In 1600 (when pestis came out
in Europe) we cannot think we were overcrowded. Stop with considering earth
as a separate entity. Earth is made by all living organisms and, believe
me, we are the best killers of ourselves.
maga at vetbio.unizh.ch


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