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Earth trying to Kill us?

Tue Apr 4 16:45:13 EST 1995

Date sent:  4-APR-1995 16:28:34=20
>I am not very educated at about the viruses and medicine but I want =
to be
>a doctor when I get older.  When I read the Hot Zone I got the impre=
>that the Earth is attacking the thing that hurts it ....which is hum=
>This might seem far-fetched but it is like the Earth is sending out =
all of
>these viruses and new pathogens it protect itself.  Since we are inv=
>the rain-forest and destroying it the Earth is releasing these virus=
es to
>stop the destruction.  I don=92t know but it kinda makes sense.  I w=
>appreciate comments about this idea maybe some of you have heard the
>samething or thought it.
>                                                                    =
>    Thanks,
>  =20
>                                                                    =
>    -Dan Escapa
>                                                                    =
>    -Dan96E at aol.com

I teach genetics and virology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.=
preparing for a genetics lecture on human evolution, this thought did=
my mind.  The strange thing to me is that the viruses (HIV-1, EBOLA) =
to be emerging from the same parts of Africa that are also suffering =
genocidal wars, mass starvation and more routine epidemics like chole=
ra and
dysentery.  I don't think it's any coincidence that these areas are a=
the most densely populated and have the highest population growth rat=
es in
the world.  We have clearly exceded the carrying capacity of the eart=
h for=20
our species and some thing(s) will happen to reduce our population.  =
earth will shed us like a cancer, growing out of control."  Whole=
generations will be lost in the parts of Africa which have 80% HIV=
infection rates and the next generation will not fare much better, ev=
en if=20
the infection rate goes down.  Why should we think that this is anyth=
other than a corrective downsizing of the human population which is l=
overdue?  =20

Bob Lansman=20
Bitnet   - lansman at oshkoshw
Internet -  lansman at vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu

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