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[Q] Viral symptoms going on 2 years

Deirdre deirdre at deeny.MV.COM
Sun Apr 2 11:45:42 EST 1995

A lot of viruses stick around for a very long time. HIV is the example most
in the public awareness, but it has recently come to light that some who
survived polio are now, three decades later, are showing up some symptoms
again and also signs of the virus in their bodies.

Another example that does survive for years is Epstein-Barr, associated
with Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Funny you should mention every month. Last month, I got sick with a viral
infection with secondary bacterial. It showed up as tonsilitis, sinusitis
and laryngitis. Never really got into the lungs though. I was running a
low-grade fever and getting worse, so I went to the doctor and got

Several who had this flu just before me have gotten sick almost a month to
the day after the first infection. I came down with the recurrence on
Friday, five weeks to the day after the first occurrence.

In your case, I would suggest getting tested for mono and Epstein-Barr.
Also, since HIV can take quite a while to show antibodies, you might want
to get re-tested for that too. From anecdotal evidence and some lay
readings, many show flu-like symptoms just after the contact with the

While you may not be able to afford extensive medical care, there are
non-medical things you can do to improve your overall health (which will
depend on what's ailing you). Epstein-Barr patients sometimes feel better
when they take frequent walks. They do sometimes spontaneously recover
months or years after the initial attack.


granholm at crl.com  said:
> Thanks, I appreciate the interest. December 1993 I came down with
> what I  figured was the Flu, it was nasty and lasted about 2 mths
> with general discomfort and a secondary bacterial infection. Well
> for over a year I have had flu like symptoms on and off, with a
> lo grade feaver on and off mabey once every month or two. I went
> through a *very* bad time with my throat and my lympth glands below
> my toung swell occationaly. Sometimes this causes floaters in my
> vision, headaches and some mental confusion. Any Ideas? Are there
> virus that stay with you for a *very* long time, and will they
> eventualy run their course? I would greatly appreciate any
> information. There's not alot I would be able to do, I just wonder
> what might cause this.

> P.S. I'm HIV [-] , I thought of that!

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