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[Q] Viral symptoms going on 2 years

Matthew Jamerson st91n2ke at dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu
Sun Apr 2 16:32:06 EST 1995

First, I doubt that this individual was asking for any serious, solid
medical advice using the Bionet newsgroup as a source for clinical
perspectives on their problem.  I took the entire post by the gentleman as
an invite to guess as to what might (read 'might') be the etiologic agent.
I made no specific diagnosis or suggestions as to what this individual
should do concerning their illness and I distinctly remember asking the
following question in my post:

"What have the doctors that
you have gone to see about this condition told you?"

I am not 'playing doctor' nor did I intend for it to appear as though I
was - this previous question was meant to either draw the individuals mind
back to what doctors (that have seem him) have to say about his condition
or prod him into approaching a doctor about his condition.  

Second, your comment about if one is not 100% sure of a diagnosis that
they should not make one is way out-of-line.  If all of the physicians in
this country followed that logic there would be a number of people sitting
about waiting for a very long time for their doctors to tell them what is
wrong with them and pursue some corrective or alleviatory course. 
Medicine is never so easy a road to plow as 100% - simple biostatistics
would tell you that.

Third, EBV, as a member of the Herpes viral family, is thought to behave
as other Herpes Family viruses (HSVI in particular) - since HSVI is known
to remain latent in nerve ganglion - why not EBV which is also
characterized as a chronic infective agent.

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