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C.J.Woolston c.j.woolston at appbiol.hull.ac.uk
Wed Jul 28 05:43:11 EST 1993

Ed et al.,

>From:          Self <MICRO/ED> (Little Ed?)

>But it is really easy to get sequences from the GenBank/NCBI/EMBL
>databases: Gopher is amazing at doing searches using single words or even
>Boolean statements; keeping yet another database updated could be an
>unnecessary chore.

I tend to agree - look at the number of people that EMBL employ to keep
their database up to date.

>> Also, a database of viral taxomony 

>Aren't the Australian National University doing soemthing along those

>But yes, as a current member of the Plant Virus Subcommittee of the ICTV,
>it often bugs me that I have to fax someone to get the current thinking on
>plant virus taxonomy, when I could just ftp into somewhere / gopher search
>an archive, and be clued up without recourse to another person.  Claude
>Fauquet who is editing the current ICTV update is a computer wonk of long
>standing - maybe we should gently pressure him/ANother to get this sort of
>data into some sort of easily accessible format (NOT the fancy scheme
>presently under consideration!!) on a computer somewhere where we could
>get ftp/gopher access - as flat text files, preferably.

Yes yes yes - There is a lot of 'lost' information, certainly in the plant
virus area. The taxonomy is changing so rapidly that I can just about keep
my head above water about how many geminiviruses (and subgroups thereof)
that there are this week, but ask me about Picornas etc and I would have to
E-mail someone who knew (Ed?). The lost stuff relates to the CMI/AAB
descriptions of plant viruses. These data sheets have been around for a
long time and contain a lot of very interesting information, but they are
not available electronically as far as I know and so they represent a
database that cannot be searched at all effectively. e.g only a couple of
weeks ago I wanted to know how many viruses have been described which
infect Lunaria spp. -??
>Any ideas, anyone?  Shall we suggest it at the ICV, where the ICTV will
>also be meeting?
Certainly I would like to see the taxonomic info and the data currently
languishing in the CMI/AAB dataset to be made available electronically. If
the CMI/AAB are willing but not able to do it themselves then perhaps a
group of us could get together and do it on a 'contract' basis. I for one
would be interested in doing this. It would make a very useful research AND
teaching resource. The Internet would make a collaborative project quite
simple to administer.


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