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LTR from H-A murine sarcoma virus

Dan Jacobson danj at welchdev.welch.jhu.edu
Tue Jul 27 13:45:28 EST 1993

In article <andres.23.743456577 at calvin.jci.tju.edu> andres at calvin.jci.tju.edu (Andres Ferber) writes:
>I need the sequence of the LTR of the Harvey Murine sarcoma virus.
>I know it is published in RNA tumor viruses 2nd edition volume 2 edited
>by R.Weiss.Unfortunately our library does not have it.
>If anybody has the sequence or a source for the sequence could you please
>let me know?
>andres at calvin.jci.tju.edu

Don't know if this exactly what you're looking for but a gopher search
turned up the following entry.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu


LOCUS       MSHLTRERA     190 bp ss-RNA             VRL       15-SEP-1990
DEFINITION  Harvey murine sarcoma virus LTR 75-bp direct-repeat enhancer
KEYWORDS    enhancer region; long terminal repeat (LTR).
SOURCE      Harvey murine sarcoma virus, cDNA to viral RNA, clone pM14-1.
  ORGANISM  Harvey murine sarcoma virus
            Viridae; ss-RNA enveloped viruses; Positive strand RNA virus;
            Retroviridae; Oncovirinae; Type C oncovirus group; Mammalian type C
            oncoviruses; Murine sarcoma viruses.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 190)
  AUTHORS   Ostrowski,M.C., Huang,A.L., Kessel,M., Wolford,R.G. and Hager,G.L.
  TITLE     Modulation of enhancer activity by the hormone responsive
            regulatory element from mouse mammary tumor virus
  JOURNAL   EMBO J. 3, 1891-1899 (1984)
  STANDARD  full automatic
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     repeat_region   21..95
                     /note="75 bp direct-repeat enchancer"
     repeat_region   96..170
                     /note="75 bp direct-repeat enchancer"
BASE COUNT       31 a     54 c     48 g     57 t
        1 ggctggaccg catctgggga ccatctgttc ttggccctga gccggggcag gaactgtcta
       61 ccacagatat cctgtttggc ccatattcag ctgttctatc tgttcttggc cctggagccg
      121 ggcaggaact gtctaccaca gatatcctgt ttggcccata ttcagctgtt tctctgttcc
      181 tgaccttgat


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