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C.J.Woolston c.j.woolston at appbiol.hull.ac.uk
Fri Jul 23 09:47:50 EST 1993

Dear Jean-Yves,

>I have recently created an anonymous ftp site on my
>The idea is so far to make accessible some quicktime
>movies and other graphics files I created and some
>that were contributed as well.
>Most of the files are Macintosh related just because
>I happen to find that easier to use (no flame here


>The images/quicktime movies are likely to be
>useful in the educational curriculum to illustate
>virus structures to students and then again most 
>educational institutions have Macs.

This is excellent news - I am working with HyperCard to produce tutorial
materials for my undergraduate virology and plant virology courses. The
basic first year virology course covers viral structure, assembly and
replication - so the material that you have described will be very

>I presented some of these movies/images at the ASV
>workshop on undergraduate studies and people seemed
>to like the images and the potential they represent
>at capturing student's interest and attention.
>Most people however were intimidated by the
>computer aspect and were pleased when I announced
>that I would put these on a VHS tape for next
>year's ASV meeting to be held in Madison,Wisconsin
>in July'94 (ASV = American Society for Virology)

Don't worry - I think that times are changing and a new wave of IT-literate
educators are on the way.

>I know there are some specific Molecular biology
>ftp sites already, including the popular ftp.indiana.edu
>of Don Gilbert but I do not know of a site dealing 
>specifically with virology, especially virus structure.
>Hence the decision to create it myself. 

A good move - if you need any moral support just call!

>Finally if you have some files that you would like to
>share with the community I have set up a protected
>directory called "donor_uploads". 

As and when I complete my HyperCard stacks on plant virus identification
(simulation of experiment) and virus symptoms (tutorial) I will ask your
permission to upload them if you think they would be appropriate.

Ed - perhaps some of your phylogenetic mapping diagrams could go on too -
what do you think? It would be useful as I discuss viral evolution and
conservation of genome organisation at second and third year level.



  Cris Woolston
  Department of Applied Biology
  University of Hull, UK

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