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sgro at psl.wisc.edu sgro at psl.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 21 17:57:11 EST 1993

Madison, WI, USA 21 July 1993

I have recently created an anonymous ftp site on my
workstation. The address is "rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu".
One connects there with the username "anonymous" and
then your e-mail as the password. 

The idea is so far to make accessible some quicktime
movies and other graphics files I created and some
that were contributed as well.

Most of the files are Macintosh related just because
I happen to find that easier to use (no flame here
please!). The images/quicktime movies are likely to be
useful in the educational curriculum to illustate
virus structures to students and then again most 
educational institutions have Macs.

An important point is to transfer the files ending
with txt just as text files and those ending with
Mbin or MacBin with the "MacBinary" option turned
"on" when transfering in binary. This will save
you a lot of grieve!

The quicktime movies/images are either derived from
a Silicon Graphics computer and then assembled into
a QuickTime movie, the original data being the 3D
X-ray derived coordinates from the PDB database at 
Brookhaven, or Electron Microscopy reconstructions
images I have obtained from Purdue. West lafayette, 

I have placed there some "topographical maps" as
photographed in Rotbard & Kirkegard(1992) "Seminars in 
Virology" vol.3 pp 483-499 "Picornavirus pathogenesis: 
viral access, attachment and entry into susceptible cells"

There is also information on how to obtain other
nice little programs like MacMolecule, MacInplot
or Kinemage. For instance in the Kinemage sirectory
you'll find 2 files I created to visualize the T=1
and T=3 icosahedron. T=1 is shown with CPV (canine
Parvovirus) and T=3 with rhinovirus14. The program
kinemage itself being distributed on another anonymous
ftp and by the journal "Protein Science".

I presented some of these movies/images at the ASV
workshop on undergraduate studies and people seemed
to like the images and the potential they represent
at capturing student's interest and attention.
Most people however were intimidated by the
computer aspect and were pleased when I announced
that I would put these on a VHS tape for next
year's ASV meeting to be held in Madison,Wisconsin
in July'94 (ASV = American Society for Virology)

I know there are some specific Molecular biology
ftp sites already, including the popular ftp.indiana.edu
of Don Gilbert but I do not know of a site dealing 
specifically with virology, especially virus structure.
Hence the decision to create it myself. 

In the future I may implement a GOPHER server on the
Silicon Graphics so that the site would be accessible
by gopher as well, but I am not ready for this yet.

Finally if you have some files that you would like to
share with the community I have set up a protected
directory called "donor_uploads". It is protected and
you CANNOT READ from it but you CAN WRITE to it (with
the put or mput command in FTP). I will test the files
and make them available subsequently, probably the next
day... You can transfer them as BinHexed (.hqx), or
text or MacBinary.

For ftp connection you can use NCSA telnet, XferIt or
FETCH (all in the public domain) or VersaTerm Pro, or
any other communication program that support the FTP
(file transfer protocol).

I sincreely hope you will find some interesting "treasures"
here on your "hunt" on the Internet!


Jean-Yves Sgro, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist

Institute for Molecular Virology
Robert M. Bock Laboratories
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1525, Linden Drive
Madison Wi 53706 -USA-

e-mail:		sgro at macc.wisc.edu
anonymous ftp:	rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu
telephone:	(608) 262 - 7464
facsimile:	(608) 262 - 7414
[USA International country code is 1]

		       /\                 /\
		      /   \     JYS     /   \
		     /      \         /      \
		    /         \     /         \
                   /            \ /            \
                  /            - V -            \
                 /         _ /   |   \ _         \
                /      _ /       |       \ _      \
	       /   _ /           |           \ _   \
	      /_ -               |               - _\
              \  - _             |             _    /
               \     \ _         |         - /     /
                \        \ _     |     - /        /
                 \           \ _ ^ _ /           /
		  \              |              /
		   \            / \            /
		    \         /     \         /
		     \      /         \      /
		      \   /     T=1     \   /

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