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  1. [Toxicology] recent abstracts re diabetes, diet, dairy, alcohol, tobacco, exercise: confounding variable is formaldehyde from methanol from aspartame, smoke, wines and liquors, pectins in fruits and vegetables: Murray 2005.06.02   toxicol at iubio.bio.indiana.edu
  2. [Toxicology] Bionet.toxicology has moved.....please update your contact info   toxicol at iubio.bio.indiana.edu
  3. [Toxicology] LD50 (oral, rats) amygdalin in bitter almonds   galien8 at zonnet.nl
  4. [Toxicology] BIOSCI/Bionet has a new home   BIOSCI Administrator
  5. [Toxicology] Fwd: June 2005: e.hormone web site update   Charles Miller
  6. [Toxicology] Fwd: DNA Repair Interest Group - UPDATE - June 21, 2005   Charles Miller
  7. [Toxicology] This week in Environmental Health   Charles Miller

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