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Janet Starr Hull, who also had Graves disease in 1991, told Justin 
Dumais to
quit aspartame: Murray 2004.06.12 rmforall

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pilot,healed of Graves disease (hyperthyroidism) by giving up
aspartame:Roberts:  Murray 2004.06.11 rmforall
Date: Saturday, June 12, 2004 6:37 PM

Thanks so much for circulating Justin's wonderful case history.  The
nutritionist he found was myself, after he had read my book SWEET 
His case is identical to mine, and he followed my experience and my 10 
Detox program exactly as I did, and his Grave's Disease disappeared 
60 days.  We have been working closely for the past few months.

Keep spreading this wonderful news. As Justin's story is yet another 
identical to mine that proves neither of us ever had Grave's Disease -
merely aspartame poisoning.

All the best,  Janet Hull

Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN     jshull at sweetpoison.com

Hair Analysis Program:    http://www.hairanalysisprogram.com

Personal Message from Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Welcome to sweetpoison.com. I'm Dr. Janet Starr Hull, and I have 
to share with you that may save your life or the life of someone you 

In 1991, I was diagnosed with an 'incurable' case of Grave's Disease, a
fatal thyroid disorder, I never really had Grave's Disease but my 
were convinced I did. I had aspartame poisoning with symptoms of 
Grave's Disease caused by aspartame saturating my foods.

Modern medicine kept me alive temporarily, but I 'cured' my disease 
The Aspartame Detoxification Program©. Modern medicine has led us to the
"take a pill or cut it out mentality" for almost every modern health
symptom, but this approach alone cannot cure disease as more and more 
are personally discovering.

Using the Aspartame Detoxification Program I designed at the time of my
'disease', I restored my health within 30 days. If you use sugar-free
products with aspartame and suffer with health symptoms your medical 
cannot 'cure', more than likely you have aspartame poisoning.

I wasn't always a Doctor of Nutrition and Natural Medicine. I am a 
and international geographer by degree, a licensed Environmental 
Waste Specialist and Toxicologist, a former fire fighter, and college

Dr. Hull began teaching on the university level in her late twenties. 
her first son was born in 1983, she returned to college to get a 
Degree in Environmental/Earth Sciences. Her undergraduate degree from 
University of Texas at Austin is in Geology and International Geography.
Over ten years teaching on the college level, she has taught classes in
geology, Physical and Cultural Geography, World Religions, Climatology,
Meteorology, Earth Science, Geomorphology, Cultural Anthropology, and 
40 SARA 120 HAZMAT training classes.

While teaching at the University of North Texas, she was asked to 
direct a
National Symposium on the Dangers of NutraSweet/Equal®. The two-day 
enlightened the campus and the national news media, featuring speakers 
Federal attorneys to medical researchers with evidence of corruption and
health dangers related to aspartame use.

After four years teaching at the University, Dr. Hull was offered a job 
an environmental engineering firm remediating the former Soviet army 
in Eastern Europe. Her work with the 'Ekocentre' confirmed the 
between pollutants (both food and environmental) and disease.

Dr. Hull has granted over three hundred national radio interviews on the
dangers of aspartame, has been interviewed on Good Day New York, Good 
Washington, DC, Positively Texas, and Good Morning Dallas discussing
aspartame dangers, and has been the keynote speaker at numerous national

I had a change in career after I cured myself from an "incurable 
Grave's Disease in 1991. I was told I would die, but the doctors didn't 
what caused my "fatal" thyroid disorder or how to cure it. They simply 
how to mask my symptoms with radiation and life-long medications.

How I Cured My Own Disease
I decided to use my environmental skills to find the cause of my disease
before I agreed to destroy my thyroid gland; consequently signing up 
for a
lifelong dependency on expensive medications to stay alive. I found the
cause of my illness-the chemical in diet drinks, aspartame. When I 
the toxin, I healed myself in thirty days. I've been perfectly healthy 
since. No surgery and no medications - and NO aspartame!


  Janet Starr Hull has a very diverse background with Degrees and 
in geology and international geography, environmental science, fitness
training, and nutrition. She is a licensed Environmental Hazardous Waste
Emergency Response Specialist and Toxicologist, a former fire fighter, 
single mother of three dynamic sons. She won many gold medals for 
beginning at 14 years of age and won her first silver medal in bicycle
racing at the age of 36. She had an unexpected change in career, 
after she was diagnosed with an 'incurable' disease in 1991.
Before graduating from high school, Dr. Hull had studied classical 
piano for
twelve years and vocal training for seven years. She won the Texas State
Gold Medal for vocal solo performance at the age of 14. It was a real
surprise to everyone when she chose to major in Geology and 
Geography when at The University of Texas at Austin. But her passion has
always been the sciences, so she became known as the 'singing 
After she graduated from UT, she went to work for Sun Oil Company as a
uranium geologist.
Dr. Hull went on to earn her Master's Degree in Environmental/Earth 
from Texas A & M at Commerce. She then earned her Certified Nutrition
License from the American Health Science University, and received a
Doctorate in Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health.
Janet Hull is also a licensed firefighter, EMT, and Federally licensed
Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response specialist, certified fitness
instructor and personal trainer.
Her various degrees and experiences have provided her with an 
of the chemical causes at the root of human disease. She believes that 
best nutritionists are geologists and environmental engineers (natural
scientist-types) as they look outside of the box at the greater picture 
human-environmental interrelationships.

Dr. Hull's Aspartame Experience
When Janet Hull was in her mid-thirties, she thought her life was 
She enjoyed being married, she had three great sons in elementary 
she taught aerobics to stay in shape, was a professor at The University 
North Texas, and lived in a wonderful suburban neighborhood. She has 
been healthy, and enjoyed three, easy natural childbirths. But for some
mysterious reason, her health began to deteriorate, and over one short 
she ended up in the hospital diagnosed with an incurable thyroid disease
with no known cause or cure.
Because of her excellent health history, she questioned why she 
suddenly had
a disease with no options other than radiation and a life dependent upon
medication to stay alive. Hull wanted answers and no one could provide 
So she set out to find them herself. And she did.
Dr. Hull cured her 'incurable' disease, and has gone on to live a 
and medicine-free life. Her work against aspartame is based on her 
experience and the deception she discovered behind its popularity. Dr.
Hull's work is based upon what she discovered during her illness, and 
she cured her 'incurable' disease.

Remove all sugar-free products with aspartame from your diet.
Learn to 'read' your body. Begin recording any health changes.
Get a hair analysis.
Be happy with yourself.
Restore depleted nutrients.
Exercise and get plenty of rest.
Eat 75% raw foods at every meal.
Drink water, water, water.
Get control of your life.

Charles A. Miller III, Ph.D.
Environmental Health Sciences Department
Room 374 J.B. Johnston Bldg.
Tulane Univ. School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
1430 Tulane Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112
504-585-6942, rellim at tulane.edu
Web page: http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-chuckmiller
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