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March - April 2003

Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones Web Site

Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier

Environmental Hormone 2003 Conference
October 16-18, New Orleans, LA

o e.hormone Commentary (April 2003)

-- The Future of the Field: Beyond Endocrine Disruption?
      Joe Thornton, University of Oregon

o ED NEWS   (Updated 6 May 03)

-- News roundup
    -  Arsenic is a powerful ED
    -  Low lead levels affect IQ, delay puberty
    -  BPA alters mouse genes
    -  Pollutants linked to health problems in Arctic children

-- News briefs
    -  General 
          Soy ingredient alters male reproduction
          Breast cancer linked to pesticides
          Lethargic sperm
          Perchlorate contaminates food, too
          CCA treated wood update

    -  Genetics 
          Gene linked to disease
          Genes identified

    -  Legislation 
          EU bans nonylphenol
          Bill to fund ED research reintroduced

    -  Children's health news
          Children's task force continues
          EPA cancer guidelines
          EPA report tracks contamination

-- Media review 
    -  Effects of prenatal hormone exposure
    -  Eggs, sperm, and fertilization review

-- On the web 
    - Endocrine Disrupters Website
    - Scientific Committee for Toxicity, Ecotoxicity and the Environment
    - DES Update
    - EM-COM
    - Environment and the Aging
    - Body Burden

-- Books, reports, grants, & more
    -  Cruise: The Healing Women's Cruise, 9/7-14/03
    -  Report: Growing Threats: Toxic Flame Retardants and Children's Health
    -  Report: Grand Rounds in Environmental Medicine
    -  Report: Monograph on Di-n-Butyl Phthalate (DBP)

o JOURNAL SCAN   (Updated  9 Apr 03)

-- Estrone found in oceans (9 Apr 03)
-- Hypoxia: New endocrine disrupter alters fish reproduction (27 Mar 03)

o GOVERNMENT ACTION   (Updated  24 Apr 03)
* = open comment period or upcoming meeting

    -  Comments/Meeting: PFOA & Fluorinated Telomers* (24 Apr 03)
    -  Cancellation: CCA Wood Preservative Products (24 Apr 03)
    -  Extension: Cancer risk & children's susceptibility draft guidelines;
       Action, low dose, children's risk are priority issues* (14 Apr 03)
    -  Report: NTP publishes phthalate monographs (10 Apr 03)
    -  Comments: National Agenda on the Environment and Aging* (27 Mar 03)
    -  Report: Good/bad news for children's environmental health (6 Mar 03)
    -  Meeting: Effects of atrazine on amphibians* (6 Mar 03)

o MEDIA COVERAGE   (Updated 1 May 03)

--  40 new articles listed

o CONFERENCE KIOSK (Updated 1 May 03)
See http://www.som.tulane.edu/ecme/eehome/sources/conference for more
information about these and other meetings

--  5/10 - 14/03: Environmental Mutagenesis, Miami, Florida USA
--  5/14/03: Cancer risk for DES daughters, Free telephone conference call
--  6/2 - 5/03: In Situ and On-Site Bioremediation, Orlando, Florida USA
--  7/19 - 22/03: Soc. for the Study of Reproduction, Cincinnati, Ohio USA
--  9/10 - 14/03: Soc. of Env. Journalists, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
--  9/7 - 14/03: Healing Women's Cruise, Vancouver, Canada, to Alaska, USA
--  9/21 - 24/03: Soy in Preventing/Treating Disease, Orlando, Florida USA
--  9/28 - 10/1/03: Solution for Pollution, Christchurch, New Zealand
--  10/16 - 18/2003: e.hormone 2003, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
--  11/9 - 13/03: 24th SETAC Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas, USA
--  1/4 - 8/1/04: SICB Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones (EEOH), part of the
Environmental Concepts Made Easy (ECME) web site, is an
educational service and an interactive forum where those
interested in environmental estrogens and other environmental
hormones can find accurate, timely information and contribute to
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