misuse of neuropharmacology

Marvin Cohen cohenmarvin at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 31 10:19:39 EST 2002

As knowlege of science grows, so do the opportunities to misuse
science.  For instance, pharmacologists now know how to produce drugs
that can alter the levels of particular neurotransmitters in the
brain, or stimulate re-uptake of neurotransmitters.
Now if drugs can be developed to help people by altering
neurotransmitter levels, surely they can also be developed to hurt

I think that this is actually being done, by some criminal or
ideological groups.  I don't mean governments such as that of the
former Soviet Union, where dissidents were sometimes imprisoned in
mental hospitals and injected with drugs.

I mean criminal or racist groups in the USA. 

Why do I think this?  Well, I'm a fairly controversial figure, and
because of this I've been at the receiving end of some serious
One year I found myself getting sicker and sicker and developing a
very strange symptom that I will call "symptom X" for now.  In general
I felt very sick and very strange.  I felt drugged too, but I did not
suspect that I was being drugged.
Doctors could not help.
Then I stopped eating at home.  Again, the reason was not that I
suspected I was being drugged.  I just thought a change in routine
would do me good, so I ate out in resturants or had picnics with food
I had just bought at a nearby supermarket.
My symptoms vanished.
Then one day I brought home a bottle of spring water, and after
drinking most of it, put it in my refrigerator.  I obviously did not
think that anyone could potentially put a drug in the water, because
if I did think that, I wouldn't leave any food or drink in my home.
Next morning, I drank the remainder of the water.  In about 5 minutes,
I was hit with all my symptoms of the past year, including "Symptom
X".  All the symptoms were extremely amplified.  It was incredible.
Now let me tell you what "Symptom X" was.  "Symptom X" was the raising
of my sex drive to remarkable heights.
At this point, I realized I had been drugged.
One of the other symptoms that accompanied "Symptom X" was a serious
headache.  As the year progressed, I noticed a rapid decline in my
short term memory, and some of my other mental functions - especially
at work, where concentration and intelligence was needed.
I have never gotten a policeman or detective interested in this story.
 Police and detectives can't cope with new techniques of crime,
especially of this type, where there is no smoking gun or dead body.
But I'm alerting you toxicologists and pharmacologists out there - you
may not believe my story, but at least I can feel I've exposed the
concept to some of you by posting in this forum.  Maybe in future more
victims will come forward, or maybe someone will defect from the
group(s) that are using these drugs.
-- Marvin

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