Is it safe to burn Benzoin incense ?

Pierre Digravecci digravecci at tiscali.fr
Fri Aug 9 09:35:43 EST 2002

Hi all.

I have recently bought bits of Siam Benzoin in an incense shop. The
last time I have burnt some, it soon became impossible to breathe
inside the room, as this thing were producing an incredibly irritating
smoke. Afterwards I noticed a large amount of (beautiful) white
crysallic deposit under the metallic lid of my burner.

This was the second time I was burning this incense. There were no
crystal deposit the first time and the smoke was quite normal.

My questions are:
- What are those white crystals ?
- Are there special conditions for this chemical reaction to happen ?
- Can I safely go on burning this incense ? I have read on a
toxicology report that chemical Benzoin is commonly used in inhalants
as an expectorant and antiseptic. But a few lines further they say
that it may be harmful by ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption.

Can someone enlighten me on this ?

Thanks !

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