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July 2002

Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones Web Site

Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier

Environmental Hormone 2002 Conference
October 17-19, New Orleans, LA

o ED NEWS   (Updated 20 June 02)

-- News roundup
    -  HRT study stopped
    -  Phthalates garner warning, found in beauty products
-- News briefs
    -  Chemicals jump start sperm
    -  Mercury: Bans, warnings, and terminations
    -  Quebec bans pesticides

-- Media review
    -  EDCs and Canada's First Nations
    -  Raloff discusses reporting EDC issues

-- Journal scan
    -  Pesticides/parasites: Partners in frog deformities?
    -  More on frog deformities and ultraviolet light
    -  Blood cells assess exposure
-- Government actions
    -  Federal Register actions
         Meeting: Assess children's exposure to wood preservatives
         Extended comments: OP revised cumulative risk assessment
         Reassessed: Forty-seven non-contributing OPs

-- On the Web
    -  US Environmental Directory
    -  Fish Biology Congress Conference Papers
-- Books, reports, jobs, & more
    -  Book: The Semen Book

o MEDIA COVERAGE   (Updated 2 August 02)

-- 25 new articles listed

o UPCOMING CONFERENCES (Updated 20 June 02)
See http://www.som.tulane.edu/ecme/eehome/sources/conference for more
information about these and other meetings

-- 11-15 August 02: ISEA/ISEE 2002: Linking Exposures and Health:
Innovations and Interactions, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

-- 11-16 August 02: Dioxin 2002, Barcelona, Spain

-- 2-6 September 02:  International Conference on Chemical Mixtures 2002,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

-- 21 September 02: First Annual Conference on Children's Health and the
Environment, Washington, DC
-- 23-25 September 02:  Thyroid Hormone and Brain Development: Translating
Molecular Mechanisms to Population Risk, Research Triangle Park, North
Carolina, USA
-- 10-13 October 02: Society of Environmental Journalists, Baltimore,
Maryland, USA

-- 11-12 Oct 02: Environmental Influences on Reproduction and Development
Chieti, Italy

-- 17-19 Oct 02: e.hormone 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

-- 16-20 Nov 02: 23rd Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Annual Meeting (SETAC), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones (EEOH), part of the
Environmental Concepts Made Easy (ECME) web site, is an
educational service and an interactive forum where those
interested in environmental estrogens and other environmental
hormones can find accurate, timely information and contribute to
ongoing public debate.

To Drop: To be removed from this list, notify the web site manager at
ecme at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu by writing "Remove from e-update" in the
subject line.

To Add: To be added to the EEOH web site e-mail update list, send a note to
the web site manager at ecme at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu and include a full name
and e-mail address in the message.

The Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier
Universities (CBR) maintains the ECME web site. CBR researchers
collaborate across disciplines, departments, and universities to
study and propose solutions to environmental problems. For
inquiries, visit the CBR web site at
http://www.cbr.tulane.edu, e-mail cbr at tcs.tulane.edu, or
phone (504) 585-6910.

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