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Release Date: April 27, 2001



National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is
soliciting proposals for the purpose of providing research support in
inhalation toxicology for the National Toxicology Program and for the
other research components of the NIEHS.  This contract will provide an
inhalation exposure facility and staff dedicated exclusively to the
support of NIEHS studies.  The facility shall be located within 15
minutes of the NIEHS main campus.  This contract shall also provide
on-site space for the Respiratory Toxicology Group.  

One award is anticipated with an award date no later than January 20,
2002.  The period of performance is expected to be five (5) years.  For
estimating purposes the Government estimated the level-of-effort at
29,574 direct labor hours per year as follows: Professional - 3,813
direct labor hours (i.e., inhalation engineer and chemist); Other
Professionals - 2,976 direct labor hours (i.e., systems analyst, animal
husbandry supervisor, quality assurance, lab animal veterinarian);
Technical - 22,320 direct labor hours (i.e., engineering and chemical
technicians, ADP support, and animal husbandry staff); Administrative
Support - 465 direct labor hours. 

The expected release date of the RFP is 05/14/01 with proposals due
06/26/01.  Interested firms should request either a streamlined or full
RFP package.  If no selection is made, a streamlined version of the RFP
will be provided, which includes only the Statement of Work, deliverable
and reporting requirements, special requirements and mandatory
qualifications, if any, and technical evaluation criteria. On the RFP
release date, a copy of the streamlined and full version of the
solicitation will be available, on the Internet at:
http://www.niehs.nih.gov/dert/rcb/rfp.htm.  Those individuals who wish
to access the on-line version should follow the instructions provided in
the on-line solicitation package.  After examination of these documents,
any firm interested in responding to this RFP must request the entire
RFP in writing, email, telephone (919) 541-7894, or by FAX request (919)
541-2712 to Jo Ann Lewis, Contract Specialist. This requirement is
unrestricted.  NAICS is 541710.

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