Chemical safety question . . .

Larry Smith larrys at online.no
Thu May 25 19:16:44 EST 2000

The incompatibilites section can be very vague.  If you mix chemicals of
incompatibility, you will probably get some sort of reaction, but it cannot
be assumed that it will be particularly hazardous.

Short and sweet, don't mix them either in working with the material, nor in
its disposal, just to be on the safe side.

Tock wrote in message <8f3umc$et6 at library2.airnews.net>...
>I finally persuaded the dept. head at work to move the 5 gallon can of
>HMDS (msds here: http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/h2066.htm ) from the fume hood
>to a bona fide chemical cabinet.   She had it put in a cabinet full of
>deionized water and alcohol.
>  When I went to work last night, I took a look at everything, and
>didn't seem right; I checked the msds sheet and it says:
>  "Incompatibilities:  Water, methyl alcohol, acids, strong alkalis, and
>oxidizing agents. "
>My boss put it in another chemical cabinet already assigned to hold HMDS,
>and everything is kosher as of right now.
>My question is, what does that line marked "Incompatibilities" mean?  That
>nasty things happen when they mix, or only that they don't mix (like oil &
>water) very well?    Can anyone venture a guess what could have happened if
>things had started to leak?

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