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Postdoctoral Position . Position available immediately to investigate
mitochondrial DNA damage and the generation of oxidative stress in normal
brain and spinal cord after irradiation. Studies will be conducted using
both in vivo and in vitro models of the CNS and may be expanded to include
other forms of radiation-induced normal tissue injury. Experience in
PCR-based procedures, biochemistry, and/or immunohistochemistry is
preferred. Contact: Philip Tofilon, Ph.D., Department of Experimental
Radiation Oncology, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center,
1515 Holcombe Boulevard, Houston, TX 77030. Fax: 713-794-5369; e-mail:
ptofilon at notes.mdacc.tmc.edu.

Postdoctoral Training Environmental Toxicology Postdoctoral Fellowships in
environmental toxicology supported by the National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) are available at Oregon State
University. The training grant faculty mentors are affiliated with the
Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, two NIEHS research
centers (Environmental Health Sciences Center and Marine/Freshwater
Biomedical Sciences Center), both at OSU, and the Oregon Health Sciences
University in Portland. Successful candidates will engage in research with
an emphasis on mechanisms of toxicity of environmental agents. NIEHS
fellowships are available on a competitive basis to applicants (U.S.
citizens and permanent residents) with a Doctoral degree in chemistry,
biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, or the biological sciences.
To apply for an NIEHS fellowship, send curriculum vitae, academic records,
and three letters of reference to: David E. Williams, Ph.D., Director, NIEHS
Training Grant in Toxicology, Department of Environmental and Molecular
Toxicology, 1007 ALS, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331-7301.
Telephone: 541-737-3277; FAX: 541-737-5077; e-mail: David.Williams at orst.edu.

Postdoctoral Positions Molecular Toxicology NIH-supported positions are
available in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University to
study the effects of environmental toxicants (transition metals,
chlorpyrifos, dieldrin) on signal transduction pathways and gene expression.
Experimental systems include mammalian cell culture, C. elegans, and
zebrafish. Candidates must have a strong background in cell and molecular
For a more complete description of the research projects, go to website:
http://www.env.duke.edu/other/jonf/index.html. Send a cover letter,
curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference to: Jonathan H. Freedman,
Ph.D., Box 90328, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0328. E-mail:
hr.duke.edu. Duke University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Postdoctoral Positions in Airway Cell Physiology and Disease Department of
Physiology University of Massachusetts Medical School Two postdoctoral
positions (NIH funding) are available for two years to study (1) the role of
intercellular Ca2+ signaling between airway epithelial and smooth muscle
cells in asthma and (2) the regulation and dysfunction of airway mucociliary
activity in cystic fibrosis. Experience in microscopy, Ca2+ imaging,
electrophysiology, tissue culture, and molecular biology desirable. Details
at: website: http://www.ummed.edu/dept/sanderson.lab. Send curriculum vitae
and statement of interests to: Dr. Michael J. Sanderson, Department of
Physiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 55 Lake Avenue
North, Worcester, MA, 01655.

    Millennium has a new vision for the future of medicine. That drug
development be perfectly precise. That all patient therapies be totally
individualized. That every disease be targeted at its core. We will succeed
in realizing this vision for one thousand reasons - our people. Expertise,
insight, synergy and above all passion unite us in creating a better way to
cure disease and allow us to have fun in the process. Further, our recent
merger with LeukoSite, Inc. - which brings commercialization expertise and a
rich pipeline of potential products - leapfrogs Millennium toward our vision
of building the pharmaceutical company of tomorrow. The face of the future
never looked brighter.
    The successful candidate will have a PhD in Pharmacology, Biochemistry
or relevant biological or chemical science, plus at least 3 years industrial
experience. Positions are also available for BS/MS level candidates. You
will be responsible for molecular pharmacological characterization of
chemical entities in a novel, non-peptide, small molecule lead series.
Characterizations will include the determination of inhibition constants,
mechanism of action, selectivity and specificity of lead series members. You
will play an integral role in one or more lead optimization programs. You
will also be responsible for maintaining an accurate database of the
accumulated program results and be responsible for the triage of compounds
for secondary in vitro and in vivo assays or oral absorption, metabolic
stability, P450 inhibition assays, etc. Previous experience in lead
optimization programs is a plus.

We also have the following opportunities available:
Formulation Development
Technology Development
Molecular Pathology
Cellular Biochemistry
Technology Development
Chemical Assays
Synthetic Chemistry
Molecular Genetics
Join us in building the biopharmaceutical company of the future at our
Cambridge facilities. Please respond by sending only one resume using only
one of the following methods, indicating the positions you are interested
in. Mail your resume to: Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Resume Processing
Center, Source Code SC400, PO Box 798, Burlington, MA 01803. Email:
millennium at webhire.com. Fax: (800) 370-6925. A source code must be included
with all submissions. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to
discovering the individual in everyone.
Visit our website for complete details on
these and other opportunities:www.mlnm.com

Alkermes-- A New Age of Discovery
Advanced Inhalation Research, Inc.
Join an industry leader who's reached a milestone that few other biotech
companies have.
    1999 was another year filled with accomplishments for Alkermes as we
solidified our position as the industry leader in sophisticated drug
delivery technologies. Highlights included the acquisition of Advanced
Inhalation Research (AIR) in February, filing of the Company's first NDA in
June and our first product approval by the FDA in December.
    As Alkermes grows, we're blazing the way for a new generation of
careers. With advanced clinical trials underway for several indications and
strong collaborative relationships with major pharmaceutical partners, we
combine the exhilarating energy of a start up with a sound foundation for
continued financial stability and growth.
    As a key contributor to our expanding success, you will receive a fully
competitive compensation package with stock options, excellent benefits, and
a company-matched 401(k) plan.
Quality Assurance Compliance Manager
You will lead the compliance efforts for our Wilmington and Cincinnati
facilities with specific responsibilities for:
*    Providing leadership of compliance projects
*    Management of auditing programs including internal audits, customer
audits and vendor/supplier systems
*    Leading the GMP and quality system training efforts for the Ohio
*    Participating on Technology Transfer teams
Requirements include a Bachelor's degree in Science, at least 10 years'
pharmaceutical experience with at least 7 years in Quality Assurance,
preferably with parenteral dosage forms, and extensive knowledge in US and
European drug product GMP requirements. Box SPD
For the Quality Assurance Compliance Manager position only, please apply to:
Alkermes, Inc., Attention: Human Resources, 6960 Cornell Road, Cincinnati,
Ohio 45242. Fax: (513) 489-8095.
You will be responsible for the design and conduct of regulatory and
investigative toxicology programs to support registration of pharmaceutical
formulations based on Alkermes' innovative drug delivery technologies. A
broad knowledge of the pharmacology of biotechnology products and small
molecule pharmaceuticals is preferred. Requirements include a DVM or Ph.D.
in Toxicology or other biological sciences, and a minimum of 2 years in
pharmaceutical toxicology. Box SGR
You will be responsible for guiding drug candidate selection and evaluation
through to market launch. Duties include pharmacokinetic data analysis and
modeling, protocol design, report and regulatory submission writing,
presentation of results before internal groups and regulatory agencies, and
collaborations with other scientists on project teams and external
publications. Requirements include a Ph.D. or Pharm.D. with a minimum of 2
years experience in clinical and/or preclinical pharmacokinetic research.
Demonstrated knowledge in data interpretation using computer programs is
required. Experience with controlled-release dosage formulations for
proteins and small molecules administered by SC, IM, PO and pulmonary routes
is desired. Box SDB
Product Development/Program Management Professionals
Alkermes is developing its own pharmaceutical products utilizing its
proprietary drug delivery systems. These products will be the primary growth
engine for the company in the next few years. We are seeking a senior
product development professional to take a leadership role in this new
group. The position will coordinate all functional aspects of development
for key projects from late pre-clinical stage onwards. The position will
report at the Vice President level and will have frequent interaction with
senior management. An advanced degree and at least 10 years of experience in
developing pharmaceuticals with significant program management and
leadership experience are necessary criteria for this position. Box SDH
Applied Biology uses biochemical, immunological and molecular approaches to
understand protein release from polymer microspheres. You will be
responsible for designing, executing and analyzing in vitro and in vivo
studies to augment therapeutic protein/peptide bioavailability. Requirements
include a Ph.D. in Biochemistry or related discipline and at least 2 years'
post-doctoral experience. A strong bioanalytical background including HPLC,
SDS-PAGE, IEF, Western blots, peptide analysis, mass spectrometry
(MALDI/SELDI) and phage display libraries, and knowledge of cytokine
biochemistry, proteases and extracellular matrix-associated proteins are
also required. Box SJD
For immediate consideration, send your CV and cover letter indicating
position desired to: Alkermes, Inc., 64 Sidney Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.
Fax: (617) 494-9263.
Delivering The Science That Delivers The Drugs
We are an equal opportunity employer relying on the strength of a diverse


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