e.hormone 2000, endocrine disruption meeting--call for abstracts

Kristofer D. Dale barefoot at plato.nmia.com
Thu Aug 17 10:08:46 EST 2000

Charles Miller <rellim at tulane.edu> wrote:
: the cutting edge of endocrine disrupter research

: We plan to explore the latest research pertinent to endocrine disrupting
: chemicals, develop human, ecological, and ecosystem health perspectives on
: current knowledge about environmental hormones, and provide a scientific and
: social forum to facilitate the development of new concepts and collegial
: interaction in this emerging discipline.

I'm curious, are you aware of Dr. Galen Knight's work with vitalethine?
His organization, VitaleTherapeutics, Inc. has recently been granted
full status as a non-profit publically supported research and
educational facility, and supports an internet forum,
www.vitaletherapeutics.org to further it's goal of raising awareness of
the serious threats posed by living in an incresaingly toxic world. I
invite your attention and even participation, it has been difficult to
keep this project moving ahead due to legal and administrative bungling,
and battling a federal lawsuit. Meanwhile, there is a wealth of
information presented without limitation or obligation. Learn and

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