What is TTX?

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> TTX, Tetrodotoxin, is a sodium channel blocker.  It binds to the receptors of
> sodium channels preventing them to allow passage of sodium ions through a
> membrane.
> Why it is a toxin, is that it is poisonous and will kill a human at certain
> levels.  The toxic mechanism of action is the blocking of sodium channels,
> usually voltage gated, and the subsequent loss of an action potential which
> would be required to release calcium in a muscle cell-for example.  Thus the
> muscle is unable to contract or enters in a state of tetany.
> The allure of the blowfish, when properly prepared, gives one the tingling
> sensation upon tasting the meat.  Of course, this is at low levels; hopefully
> if you want to walk away from your meal.
> TTX poisoning is generally treated by artificial respiration and subsequent
> connection of the patient to a ventilator.  TTX works very similar to STX, or
> Saxitoxin which is from clams and mussels who feed during a red tide.
> Not all sodium channel blockers are bad.  Most local anesthetics are sodium
> channel blockers which will work on Type iii-iV pain receptors, blocking
> their depolarization and allowing the doc or dentist to work without you
> feeling every nick, prick, and cut.
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