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News Release

The Dangers of Silver Fillings To be Revealed On C.B.C. Television

For Immediate Release
September 18, 1998

CBC to broadcast segment warning about the dangers of Mercury Dental
Amalgam-"Silver Fillings".

On the show, Halina St. James, Alternative Health Commentator for the
C.B.C. will interview Nancy Biasse, a victim of mercury poisoning. Nancy
will recount her story and her fight to regain health after being
poisoned by "Silver Fillings".

In addition, Dr. Assaad, a mercury free dentist in Toronto will
demonstrate  the safe protocol for amalgam removal.

The segment airs across Canada, on CBC Newsworld and the CBC Morning
Show, Monday September 21 at 8:15 A.M., Eastern Standard Time.

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                * AMALGAM RELATED QUOTES *

"[The evidence] tells me very succinctly that there is a 
chronic low-dose exposure to a toxic heavy metal that 80-85 per 
cent of the industrialised world have implanted in their teeth, 
and it's a situation of timed-release poisoning." 
  (Dr Murray Vimy, research scientist and former World 
  Health Organisation consultant, speaking on BBC Panorama..)

"..I think there is no basis for such a statement... [that
amalgam is safe to use for children].... They are definitely 
particularly vulnerable. We know that if you take a young 
child - it takes a few years after birth until the brain 
is developed. We know that the brain in children is much 
more sensitive than in adults." 
  (Dr Lars Friberg, Former Chief Adviser to the World 
  Health Organisation on Mercury safety. speaking on BBC Panorama..)

"..there is no safe level of mercury, and no one has 
actually shown that there is a safe level. I would say 
mercury is a very toxic substance... I think they
[the BDA] are wrong.. [to make such a claim]" 
  (Dr Lars Friberg, speaking on BBC Panorama..)

"My own conclusion is that already in individuals with bruxism, 
[bruxism is habitual grinding of teeth]
which is common in the population, exposure may well be compared 
with industrial exposure that has given rise to effects. Furthermore, 
despite negative results in epidemiological studies, the statistical 
power [of these studies] is not high enough to exclude the occurrence 
of effects in a few percent of the population at still lower 
exposure levels. As amalgam is used so widely already, an effect in 
a few percent of the exposed population would mean that very 
large population groups could be affected. 
 The evidence from experimental and human studies at higher exposure
levels clearly indicates that mercury from the toxicological point 
of view is an unsuitable element to use in dentistry. It is my 
opinion that it is prudent to conclude that mercury from dental 
amalgam is not safe to use for everyone."
  (Dr Lars Friberg, Former Chief Adviser to the World 
  Health Organisation on Mercury safety. 1995 Symposium report.)

"If you have something that's been put in your mouth that 
you can't dispose of in a waste basket without breaking 
environmental protection laws, there's no point in
keeping it around, there's no point in taking that type of 
risk - there's no point in exposing people to any level of 
mercury toxicity if you don't have to...... 
.....there is no doubt in my mind that low levels of mercury 
present in the brain could cause normal cell death, and this 
could lead to dementia which would be similar to Alzheimer's 
disease.... We can't go inside a living human being and look 
at their brain, so we have to work outside, and do scientific 
experiments such as we've done. And to the best that we can 
determine with these experiments, mercury is a time-bomb in 
the brain, waiting to have an effect. If it's not bothering 
someone when they're young, especially when they age it can 
turn into something quite disastrous."
  (Dr Boyd Haley, Professor of Medicinal Biochemistry,
  University of Kentucky. speaking on BBC Panorama..)

"The ADA owes no legal duty of care to protect the public from 
allegedly dangerous products used by dentists…..Dissemination 
of information relating to the practice of dentistry does not 
create a duty of care to protect the public from potential 
  (American Dental Association lawyers.)

" About 3% of the population are estimated to suffer from mercury 
sensitivity. Reactions sometimes occur in the soft tissues of the 
mouth next to fillings..."
 (British Dental Association Internet Page Dental Advice on Amalgam)

"Amalcap Plus non-gamme-2 and Vivacap/Vivalloynot 
[brands of Amalgam] are not only contraindicated for 
expectant mothers but also for nursing mothers.  
[These brands of Amalgam] are not only contraindicated 
for patients with severe renal deficiency but for all 
patients suffering from a reduced kidney function."
  (New advice issued by  Ivoclar/Vivadent, a major 
  amalgam manufacturer.)

"The mercury uptake from amalgam is the dominating source for inorganic
mercury in the central nervous system and is the major source of total
mercury uptake in the population."
  (Maths Berlin, a leading German toxicologist)
"The implications are that in the dental technicians the mercury 
has caused very definite central nervous system disorders."
  (Professor Aposhian, Head of Molecular and Cellular Biology,
  University of Arizona)

"You wouldn’t take a leaky thermometer, put it in your mouth, and 
leave it there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Yet that’s exactly 
what happens when an amalgam filling is installed in your mouth."
  (Dr Michael Ziff.)

"Historically, Mercury has also been used extensively in 
pesticides. However, it is considered so dangerous that such usage 
has recently been largely superceeded by safer(!) Organo-Phosphates. 
Yet, incredibly, the dental organisations still defend the usage of 
mercury in silver fillings.." 
"Mercury has traditionally been used in batteries - however
such usage has now been outlawed, due to concerns about the
toxic properties of Mercury. Apparently, it is still safe
to use for our teeth, though.." 
  (Adrian Millett.)

"Worldwide there are over 4000 research papers indicating mercury 
is a highly toxic substance.  How can dentists be so thoughtless 
as to place one of the deadliest toxins in existence *two* inches 
from our brain?" 
  (Tom Warren)

"It is sobering to realise that the original "quacks" were dentists 
who advocated the use of mercury amalgam and that most dentists are 
still advocating it today."---"The maximum amount of mercury that 
the Environment Protection Agency allows people to be exposed to 
is 5,000 times smaller than the permissible amount of lead exposure; 
in other words the EPA apparently considers mercury to be 5,000 
times more toxic than lead."
  (Marcia Basciano DDS at annual meeting of IAOMT, San Diego 1994.)

"Official safety limits on mercury are too high to prevent
damage before birth... A study in the Faeroe islands has found
that even when pregnant women have levels of mercury in their
blood that are well below W.H.O. safety limits, their children
show deficits in learning, attention, memory and other skills."
  (New Scientist report, 22nd Nov 1997)

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