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Christopher Hatton (remove_this) "CDH8" at le.ac.uk
Wed Sep 9 13:00:19 EST 1998

Andrew Vladimirov wrote:
> I'm interested in getting PhD in toxicology, esp. in the fields of
> toxinology or neurotoxicology employing highly selective neurotoxins
>  AF64A, 6OHDA, etc., ).
> I expect to be graduated (Pharmacology with Toxicology BSc, King's College,
> University of London) with first or good second first degree next year. I

Well Andrew,

 I would keep your eyes peeled to the following places,

(you'll need to sign up though)


finally if you fancy working in Germany you can't do much better than
get yourself over to Magdeburg south of Berlin

There is a rapidly growing and respected Neuroscience ..Otto von
Guericke Universitaet is predominantly Neuro-orientated Clinical and
applied science with a nice basic feel aswell.


this is the Neurobiology Graduate School home page, (In German though)

where I worked, although the work would be looking at the effect of
neurotoxins on Learning and Memory

They do have a PhD place available now, but its probably not in
neurotoxins, looks like Ischaemia in vivo and with brain slices.

However word of Warning a German PhD is nothing like a UK based PhD
course. You'll have obligatory lectures and Practiacls, many in German
but some in English aswell.

There is also here in Leicester a Neuro-tox unit part of the
University/MRC Centre for Mechanisms of Human Toxicity. 

I wouldn't worry there is a lot in that area coming up, although maybe
not with those specific neurotoxins.

The Karolinska instituet in Stockholm also has a Neuro-tox group, 
After you have started your final year Honours Project I'd seriously
start sending off your CV.  Thats what I did, after I looked at GABA
receptors and various inhibitors.

Just make sure you get a good BSc. (Hons) 1st ideally.  The world will
become your Oyster as they say.

Good luck and you are at the right University for Pharmacology.
I started my BSc. there.

Christopher Hatton
PhD student

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