Earthworm toxicity

Antonio aq12 at cornell.edu
Thu May 21 08:23:22 EST 1998

I am using earthworms (E. foetida) to examine availability and 
toxicity of soils with various oil fractions.  In preliminary 7-day 
assays I have not found mortality even at rather high concentrations. 
However, I have seen what appear to be some dark markings (spots 
or pores) on the clitella of some worms.  The apperance of these 
spots was not dose-dependent.  If someone has similar observations 
I'd appreciate some coments on what this could be.

My preliminary assay was to check mortality alone but a more 
refined endpoint may be appropriate.  Does anyone have 
suggestions?  I am considering weight changes or burrowing time 
into a clean soil.


Antonio Quiñones

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