Help with BENLATE 50 DF

Kim Brown buzzardranch at webtv.net
Thu May 7 09:08:31 EST 1998

Please help me in finding any information to exposure to thisproduct and
other chemicals that were disposed of in this product in the late 1980's
and early 90's.  Several people here are ill from the exposure when it
was used on a nursery.  It wiped out many crops and nurseries all over
the state of FLorida and other states as well.  I do know a boy was born
wit no eyes after a mother was around this being sprayed.  Also none of
the doctors know what to test for in the blood.  Most of the
universities say they will help but when it comes down to it, they get
ALOT of their grants from DuPont.  The state and agricultural department
is also covering it up.  The state has over 60% of their retirement
invested in DuPont Stock.  WHAT A COINCIDENCE!  Please help!  You can
also see my web page at:
http://members.tripod.com/~againstbenlate/index.html   Thank you KIM

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