who can give answers?????

norbert röttgen nc-roettgno at sk.netcologne.de
Sun May 3 06:28:38 EST 1998

dear ladies and men, 
I please about a short-information per enamel nc-roettgno at netcologne.de 
with the examination of my heparin-blood became assess following determined: 
Musk - Xylol 200ng/l 
HHCB like Galaxolid 1599 ng/ls 
AHTN like Tonalid 1347 ng/ls 
which toxic effect do these substances have for me? 
how can I dismantle this worth? 
how carcinogenic are these materials? 
how highly do the reference-areas lie for adult? 
to its info. 
I have sold 30 years of hairdresser-products, modeled (applied) and detoxifies. 
I react to peroxide,parfümstoffe,kobalt,nickel and monoglycolatglycerinester 
(sourly-perm on esterbasis). I became 11 years furthermore (through ignorance) 
through doctors with these chemicals tested and with new allergenen sensitized. 
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