Looking for studies on passive inhalation of marijuana smoke

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David - My reasons are none of your business, as you are a non-party to the
case. With regard to this individual "accidently" inhaling pot smoke at a
party, I don't care if he was doing shotguns with his best friend. My only
quest is to prevent any w/c exposure to my client. This individual signed a
drug-free employment contract; he broke the contract. He was injured OTJ, and
when he submitted his sample, it tested high, very - very high for marijuana.
BTW - claimant's attorney dropped the case; claimant appeared pro se, found
out that he was not going to "get a dime" and withdrew.

Using illicit drugs, even alcohol, in the work place is really stupid. I could
care less if you kill your self, but I don't want your wasted ass coming after
me, (or my family, friends, etc.), with a forklift, torch, saw, hammer-gun,
etc. If you choose to get stoned, do it at home and not at work. If you don't
like hemp being illegal, run for office - let's see how far you get.

<have a nice day>

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