Looking for studies on passive inhalation of marijuana smoke

David Naugler dnaugler at sfu.ca
Fri Jun 26 00:09:27 EST 1998

No_Caveat at Yahoo.com wrote in message <6met6m$587$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>...
>Looking for studies on passive inhalation of marijuana smoke
>The subject line pretty much sums up my quest. I am looking for a couple of
>studies/articles to use, which refute the "I was at a party and must have
>breathed some pot smoke" defense to positive drug test results for a
>work place w/c case.
>There was a study done, in 1988 I believe, by Cone & Johnson, and a
>article published in a Pharmacological Journal. However, I cannot seem to
>recall the journal nor the title of the article.

If this is for a trial defense, then, rather than questioning the legitimacy
of the evidence, why not question the legitimacy of the court. Last time I
checked political dissent was not a crime in most states.

Oops, my mistake. You appear to be actively trying to put someone in prison
for the crime of inhaling mj smoke (gasp) at a social event. Therefore I
question YOUR legitimacy and your right to involve the entire world in your

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