Heat denaturization of venoms

Jean-P. Skalamera jean-p at LGLAB.IMB.NTOU.EDU.TW
Fri Jun 5 04:40:06 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for general information what kind of animal venoms can be
treatet by heat.
For example I read once that one can apply heat (for example by using a
hot tea bag), in order
to denaturize the poison of venomous fishes.
On the other hand one can't find any recommendations to treat snake
bites  this way.
For bee stings I found even the recommendation not to apply heat at all.
On the other hand it
is told to work with centipedes bites.
Are there different rules for different animals, or is it just the fear
that improper handling
would cause severe burns of the skin that prevents this kind of
treatment to be recommended?
Are there any studies that investigate how long and at what temperature
a heat treatment can be done
without provoking burns of the tissue?

Thanks for any comments and help.


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