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Charlie Trowbridge cht2 at STMPUBS.NET
Fri Feb 6 12:59:28 EST 1998

Dear Group,

Below is a questionnaire that Taylor & Francis, a toxicology publisher, has
developed to help them assess the information needs/wants of toxicologists
and related health professionals.  They are developing books and e-products
in this field, and want to know from the market itself what is useful and
what is not.

It would be a big help to the process if we could get your answers or views
on this by next week or so.  Most of the questions are simple multiple
choice, and so it should not take very long at all (10 minutes?) to fill out.

If you find the questionnaire is off the mark, i.e., there are things that
it is not asking that SHOULD be asked, just let us know.

As for rewards, the names (and email addresses) of those responding will be
placed in a drawing, the winner of which will get either a subscription to a
toxicology journal in the T & F list or a tox reference product.

Your answers will help the publisher to properly engineer literature and
refernece material on a number of levels including medium and price.
Participation is greatly appreciated.

Toxicology Reference Resource Questionnaire

Respond to:


F: 201.792.7815
T: 201.792.7813
E: cht2 at stmpubs.net


1.  Please indicate your professional degree:

___ JD
___ MD
___ PharmD
___ PhD
___ ScD.

Other: (please specify):

2.  Please indicate your type of professional certification:

___ CIH
___ DABT.

Other (please specify):

3.  Please indicate the setting where you presently work:

___ Academic institution
___ Govermental or regulatory facility
___ Private/commercial/consulting firm
___ Medical/forensic pathology lab

___ Other (please specify):

4.  What type of work are you primarily involved in?

___ Medical monitoring
___ Industrial hygiene
___ Toxicological screening
___ Pathology/lab medicine 
___ Regulatory/compliance 
___ Environmental control
___ Regulatory
___ Tort litigation/medico-legal  issues
___ Teaching/research
___ Other (please specify):

5.  How long have you been working in this field?

___ 1 - 5 years
___ 5 - 10 years
___ 10 - 15 years
___ more than 15 years


6.  Does your daily work as a toxicologist or health professional require
the regular use of reference material or databases?

___ yes
___ no

7.  If so, what reference resources or databases do you commonly use?

8.  Which resources are your favorites?  Why?

9.  What is the first reference resource that you normally reach for?

10.  When examining  specific agents, substances, or chemicals for potential
toxic effect or exposure guidelines,  please rank the following profile
items in terms of their importance to your work (1= most important; 7 =
least important):

___ General toxicology
___ Clinical effects and manifestations
___ Chemical structure
___ Prescribed laboratory tests
___ Federal and state requirements
___ Bibliographic references
___ OSHA standards

11.  Are there other  substance profile elements that you would like to see
included in a toxic exposure reference work?  If so, please list or describe

12.  How often should such material be updated in order to remain most useful?

___ weekly
___ monthly
___ quarterly
___ annually
___ once every two years

13.  What resources do you currently use to identify or clarify regulatory
and/or legal issues concerning toxic substances agents or exposures?

14.  In your opinion, what do you or your institution normally pay for a
reference work or database that incorporates the above cross-referenced items?

___ $25 - $50
___ $50 - $100
___ $100 - $200
___ $200 - $500
___ $500 or more


15.  What format do you prefer for reference material?

___ Paper 
___ CD-ROM
___ Paper + electronic

16.  How frequently do you use or consult on-line or other electronic
reference resources, including databases?

___ frequently (more than 10 times per week)
___ sometimes (5 - 10 times per week)
___ infrequently (5 times or less per week)
___ hardly (5 times per month)
___ not at all

17.  When using an electronic resource, do you normally read from the screen
or print out the information you need?

___ read on-screen
___ print out

IV.  Value and Price

18.  For reference material, databases, or electronic reference material,
which payment method would you prefer:

___ one-time annual subscription fee
___ monthly subscription fee
___ per-access/per-search fee
___ I would prefer to own the material (CD-ROM/paper)

19.  Do you normally purchase such resources yourself, or does your
institution or firm purchase them?

___ Purchase them myself
___ Institution or firm purchases them

20.  How much do you personally spend on professional  reference material
per year?

___ $50 - $100
___ $100 - $200
___ $200 - $400
___ More than $400

21.  May we contact you to discuss the results of this survey?  If so,
please give your daytime phone number.

___ yes
___ no

Daytime phone:_________________

22.  How aware are you of Taylor & Francis as a toxicology publisher? 

___ Not aware
___ Heard of them, but do not own/use any of their books
___ Have several of their books
___ Think highly of them, and own/use many of their books
___ Am an author/editor for them

23.  What publisher do you normally associate with toxicology reference

___ Academic Press
___ John Wiley & Sons
___ CRC Press
___ Taylor & Francis
___ Society publishers (if so, please specify which ones)
___ Public/private database (if so please specify which ones)

STM Publication Services, LLC
273 New York Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07307-1501

T: 201.792.7813
F: 201.792.7815
e: cht2 at stmpubs.net

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