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 > I'm a M.Phil student and I'm now studying eco-toxicological effects of 
> synthetic dyes on the marine environment.  Can anyone tell me what is the 
> latest trend in studying marine eco-toxicology? I mean the different types of 
> micro-biotests and etc.

Micro-biotests are very often used for regulatory purposes.

The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority has in copperation with their
sister agencies in UK, Denmark and the Netherlands authorized a test
battery of 4 'ecotoxicological'micro-biotests for determing potential
toxicity of drilling muds and offshore chemicals. 

These type of tests are based on the acute toxic effect of a chemical/mud
on a single specie (microalgae, mussel/bottom feeder, herbivore, fish)
representing a  position (primary/secondary producer, predator etc.) in
the marine ecosystem. The duration of each test is very limited (from 48 h
to 21 days).  

My Master-thesis was an evaluation of the use of 'ecotoxicological' tests
for regulatory purposes in Norway during the periode between 1983 and
1993. One of the conclusions was that the tests had failed to predict the
negative effects of discharging (so-called low-toxic) oil-based drilling
muds into the North Sea.

Monospecies tests are criticized for not reflecting the effects on
ecosystem level. Multispecies tests (microcosms/mesocosms) have been used
for research purposes, and some researchers claim that these are far
better suited for predicting effects on an ecosystems.

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