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Poitical abuses in national research authority

John Ladasky ladasky at leland.Stanford.EDU
Tue Oct 15 20:01:38 EST 1996

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In article <3263BAA7.3A5D at vasilisa.com>,
welshwytch  <violette at vasilisa.com> wrote:
>I am pretty aggravated by the breakdown of scientific decision
>making in this country regarding the medical uses of marijuana.

	I will make no argument with any of Patricia's claims about
medical effects (or side effects) of cannabinoids.  She is right in
pointing out that some relevant studies are missing from the medical
literature.  However...

>And those who have heard of THALIDOMIDE know those side effects
>were even worse than a lowered probability of conception.
>(Even aside from birth defects, peripheral nerve damage is
>an issue.)

	I don't have the references in front of me (and I'm on a 
Web-challenged machine)... however, isn't the thalidomide story a
little more complicated than this?  My understanding is that the
original preparations of thalidomide consisted of two stereoiso-
mers -- i.e., a racemic mixture.  After the catastrophes, it was
discovered that only one of the stereoisomers was responsible for
the developmental and neurological defects.  Although it was tech-
nically feasible at the time to purify the "good" thalidomide as a
stereoscopically pure compound, this strategy was not pursued be-
cause the public would obviously never understand or accept it.


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