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DrJackBud drjackbud at aol.com
Sun Jan 14 05:10:01 EST 1996

In response to drbob33 at aol.com

1.  You said that you have interests in toxicology that are "broad", based
on a long industrial experience.

There is a fidderence in approciating toxicology and being able and
qualified to practice it.

2.  "So what if we have some non-toxicologists - maybe they'll learn how
to avoid toxic terror!"

Just what exactly is "toxic terror"?  The newsgroup is bionet.toxicology
not bionet.fear or bionet.nightmare; its not even bionet.toxicology.ugly!

The ability to learn will not be impeded by a "moderated" newsgroup.  On
the contrary,  learning has a good chance of being increased with a
directed and focused newsgroup on toxicology.  

I must have missed something because I didn't think a "moderated"
newsgroup is a "peer-reviewed" newsgroup.  Let's not start another
"censorship" thread which seems to crop up in every newsgroup, sooner or
later.  It is still my understanding that newsgroup moderators have a set
of guidelines to make sure the content adheres to the charter.

Anyone can be a toxicologist in two easy lessons, each ten years long!

3.  The purpose of moderation was not to "peer review" postings as I
understood it, but rather to keep it focused on toxicological issues, free
from other extraenous postings. 

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