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RFD: sci.med.toxicology

Chuck Miller rellim at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU
Mon Jan 8 12:47:13 EST 1996

My general impression of forming a sci.med.toxicology group is that it is
premature at this time. I favor keeping all "scientific" discussions of a
toxicological nature (as defined in the scope of the  group's charter
below) in the bionet.toxicology forum until there is a need (traffic) to
warrant subdivision. There is little "real" scientific discourse in
bionet.toxicology and the other forums cited. As we have discussed several
times earlier in the bionet.toxicology group, many of the posts we get come
from the lay public and from students that want help with homework
assignments. Thus there is largely a "one way street" rather than an avenue
of scientific exhange -- and this type of "information" doesn't really take
much time for our readers to digest at the present time.  

Chris Jones writes....

>>  However, most toxicological research

>> scientists are concerned with environmental and occupational

>> toxicology (i.e., hazardous, man-made chemicals).  In contrast, the

>> focus of the new group would be on drugs (and plant/animal poisons)

>> and would thus encompass therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), emergency

>> toxicology, post-mortem toxicology, forensic urine (&hair&saliva, etc)

>> drug testing, and performance testing.  The distinction will be

>> evident by the hierarchic taxonomy -- drug-related discussions should

>> fall under a medical group (sci.med) while hazardous chemical-related

>> discussions should fall under biological research (bionet).

If there were a burning need for discussion of forensic and clinical
toxicology then the bionet.toxicology forum would be overflowing. The
reason bionet.toxicologt is a "quiet" forum is not because of a lack of
publicity, this group has been publicized in the SOT and Mid-Atlantic SOT
newsletters and in the journal "Environmental Health Perspectives".

I think that there is a large body of toxicologists that performs research
in and/or is interesed in areas other than occupational/environmental
toxicology. A review of the postings to bionet.toxicology indicates that
this group has variety of interests that includes medical/clinical and
foresic aspects of toxicology. Fragmentation of toxicological interests is
not needed at this time.

>> Although bionet.toxicology, sci.med.laboratory, and sci.med.pathology

>> each receive less than 10 posts/day, sci.med.pharmacy, with about 20

>> posts/day (many on side effects and blood levels), frequently has

>> articles of interest to toxicologists but, by definition, the category

>> is distinct from toxicology. 

This sounds like fundamental toxicology to me. Recall the words of Paracelsus.

>> The focus of the proposed new newsgroup would be on drugs and it would

>> thus encompass therapeutic drug monitoring, emergency toxicology,

>> post-mortem toxicology, forensic urine (&hair&saliva,etc) drug

>> testing, and performance testing.

>> Articles that would be welcome in this newsgroup would include

>> questions regarding analytical methods, reference ranges, government

>> regulations and accreditation requirements, announcements of job

>> openings (but not requests for jobs), and other issues commonly

>> encountered at a scientific meeting. 

>> Biologists with questions related only to environmental and occupational 

>> toxicology should post to bionet.toxicology.  

The charter of  bionet.toxicology indicates the redundancy of the
sci.med.toxicology news group. Also note that the bionet.toxicology group's
interests are not restricted to environmental and occupational toxicology. 

TOXICOLOGY (bionet.toxicology) News Group Charter:

The TOXICOLOGY forum is a BIOSCI/bionet news group created for the
purpose of rapid information exchange between toxicologists and other
researchers.  Appropriate topics for this forum include any kind of
information that is relevant to toxicology.

Formation of the toxicology news group will provide :

- a forum for the discussion of ideas, problems, and recent developments
 in toxicological research.

- a means for obtaining research protocols, strains, molecular and chemical

- a means of developing collaborations between labs.

- a bulletin board for any announcements concerning meetings,
congresses, new informational databases,  job offers, etc., related to the
              discipline of toxicology.

Discussion topics will include (among other more specific topics):

- biotransformation of toxicants
- systemic toxicology
- teratogenesis, genetic toxicology, and carcinogenesis
- cellular, biochemical, and molecular toxicology
- environmental toxicology
- analytical and clinical toxicology
- occupational toxicology
- forensic toxicology
- regulatory toxicology and toxicological risk assessment

This news group will not be moderated (edited). Participants shall
adhere to the general regulations regarding posting to news groups: a)
individuals posting information to this forum should use proper
"netiquette", b) the forum is not intended to aid students with their
homework assignments, c) the forum is used only for non-commercial
purposes, d) individuals must avoid conflicts of interest when posting

Virtually yours,

Dr. Charles A. Miller,  rellim at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu 
Bionet.toxicology Discussion Leader
Dept. Environmental Health Sciences 
Rm. 374, Center for Bioenvironmental Research
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Tulane University Medical Center  
1430 Tulane Ave. Box SL29                 
New Orleans, LA 70112               
Ph. 504-585-6942, Fx. 504-585-6939              


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