lead poisoning in pet?

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> This may be academic, but could someone direct my to a source for
> toxicological info, hopefully online, most pecifically lead/mercury
> poisoning of humans and canids?  My dog is experiencing 'siezures' and I
> don't believe that he is epileptic.  I live in an old house and I have had
> peeling paint, and mo matter how hard I try, it seems like I cannot keep
> up with it.  My dog is a 6 month old retriever, and God only knows. 
> Or best yet, could someone who knows about lead poisoning  canid 
> poisoning please email me?  Blaze and I are eternally greatful.....

Several cases of human lead poisoning have been discovered only after pets
were discovered to be poisoned.  Your regional poison center should be able
to offer assistance/advice, or at least the phone number for the veterinary
toxicology line.

James Linakis, Ph.D.,M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine)
Brown University
Co-Director, Rhode Island Hospital Lead & Toxicology Clinic
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