[Staden] Staden Package: new 1997.1 release

Kevin McKernan Kevin.McKernan at agencourt.com
Mon Jun 19 15:52:17 EST 2006

   James, Roger,

   Not certain you are still at this address but I heard th= e Gap
   package is continuing to evolve with the next generation sequencing
   instruments. We met many years ago at the Whitehead and we are now
   sitting = on ~ 1/2Gb of short read sequencing from the new sequ   encing technology from APG.

   ABI j= ust bought this technology and will putting an enormous thrust
   behind its development = and we wanted to begin to reach out to
   software developers in the space to make= the data formats known and
   more compatible. We have been importing the reads to= G= AP4 = and
   would like to discuss with you a few features which may make the
   software more fr= iendly importing 5 M exp files.

   Let me know if you get this and if you are interested in= seeing some

   Kevin McKernan<= /st1:PersonName>

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