[Staden] Staden and GDE

Jerome C. Regier regier at Glue.umd.edu
Mon Sep 19 09:31:14 EST 2005

I've been using the Staden Package on Sun workstations to assemble 
sequencer chromatograms. Consensus sequences of orthologous genes are then 
imported into Genetic Data Environment 2.2 (GDE 2.2) for manual sequence 
alignment and editing. Unfortunately, my university has recently updated 
the Sun operating system to Solaris 5.9, which seems not to support the 
OpenWindows window manager used for GDE, unlike Solaris 5.8. I've been 
very satisfied with this tandem usage of Staden and GDE, and am wondering 
if anyone has a suggestion how to proceed while still using the Sun 
workstations. Is there an alternative to GDE or can GDE be "fixed."

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