Problems with Windows v.1.5.3 (=2004.1) of GAP4

andrew_mitchell_2004 at yahoo.com.au andrew_mitchell_2004 at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jan 5 12:03:03 EST 2005

Dear All,

I have used the Windows 2002 version extensively and had no problems.
I've just upgraded to the latest version and I cannot open any of the
new GAP4 databases I've justed created using PreGap. I have tracked
down part of the problem, but not all:

Initially I found that PreGap would not write new GAP4 databases,
saying that it couldn't find my files. This appears to be because GAP4
cannot handle spaces in the path name of a file: when I replaced all
spaces in all folder and subfolder names with underscores that fixed
it. At least now PreGap will write GAP4 databases. However, when I
double-click on the new .aux files and GAP4 opens, I cannot edit
contigs. Although all chromatograms "passed" and none are listed in the
"failed" file the "edit contig" option is greyed out and not
accessible. This is only a problem with GAP4 databases created in the
latest version of PreGap - I can still open and edit the GAP4 databases
that I created using the 2002 release. For now I'm going to uninstall
v.2004.1 and go back to v.2002, but does anyone have a possible
solution for me?


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